Cloth Diaper Closure Options [+ Babykicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review & Giveaway]

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***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Please read below for information on cloth diaper closure options.***

There are so many choices when it comes to cloth diapers that it can be so overwhelming when you’re just starting out. From picking what type to use, what size, what brand – you can also pick how you’ll close the diaper around your baby! Below I’ve listed the different cloth diaper closure options out there. I hope it helps you decide – and it’s really not that difficult! Especially if you stick to the more modern day cloth diapers (i.e, pockets, AIO’s, etc..)

Cloth Diaper Closure Options

Cloth Diaper Closure Options

Snaps: Probably the most popular option, snaps let you achieve a great fit (all those snaps to choose from), and they keep your diaper looking nice (no fuzzies). On the downside – snaps break. While it’s not often, it definitely does happen and is usually covered under your diapers warranty. When choosing a snap closure diaper, you’ve actually got 2 options – front snapping (most common) and side snapping. Side snapping diapers, like the Babykicks Basic that I was sent free to review, are unique in that they create a really trim and flat front look to the diaper making it a great option under baby jeans. And they’re incredibly hard for your baby to get off if you happen to have a diaper escapee on your hands.

Hoop and Loop: The closure of many names. Aplix and Velcro are brand names when referring to generic hook and loop. It’s really all the same though. You’ll find that each brand uses something slightly different that varies in size, shape, and strength no matter if they call it Velcro, Aplix, or Hook and Loop. Another common one that is slightly different is Touch Tape. It’s slightly more rigid and less sticky (in my opinion), but picks up less fuzzies. Hoop and Loop diapers are great for getting a customized fit, but do become less sticky over time. And there’s always the dreaded diaper chain.

Pins: Here’s your tried and true, old school way to close a flat, prefold, or other similar type of diaper. I have a set of pins, but have honestly never even tried them. Some people love them – but I think there’s just better options like those below.

Snappi: The Snappi definitely revolutionized cloth diapering. An easy to use diaper closure system with little teeth instead of sharp pins. You simply hook it on each side and down the middle and you’re all set.

Boingo: The Boingo is a new product on the market that works similar to a Snappi. Instead of one piece, like the snappi, you use 2 Boingos at each diaper change – 1 on each side. Alternately,  you can use one across the front of the diaper on a small baby. I actually just got my first pair, so I’ll let you know how I like them over time.

Ties: Although not a popular option, there are prefold diapers on the market that are closed with a ribbon tie. I think it might be cute for photos, but I’m not sure of it as an everyday type of diaper.

Babykicks Basic Pocket Diaper

Haley Babykicks 6 Blog Final - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

Can you believe that over 3 and 1/2 years of cloth diapering I’m just now trying a Babykicks diaper?!? I’ve long used their Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts for added overnight protection, so I was really psyched when the opportunity came around to review one. I’m not sure why I never bought one before,  but I’m glad I have one now!

Haley Babykicks Basics Poppy Red 4 IMG_5550 - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

What sets Babykicks apart from other diaper brands is that all their products incorporate hemp fibers in some way. If you’re not too familiar with hemp –  just know that it’s super absorbent. They’ve got several different pocket diapers, different sized hemp prefolds, hemp nursing pads, wipes, and lots of inserts to choose from – all with super absorbent hemp.

Haley Babykicks Basic Poppy Red 5 IMG_5558 - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

Haley was sent the Babykicks Basic Pocket Diaper in snaps. Like I mentioned above, this diaper is side snapping. So it’s opposite of what you’re used to if you use regular snap diapers. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s no harder to do.

The inside is lined with stay dry microfleece and the outside is PUL. Haley is wearing their Poppy color, which is red. Although I often think it looks more reddish orange.

Babykicks Basic Poppy Red Inside Outside Blog Final - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

The insert is a combination of microfiber and hemp – one on each side of the insert. I like to stuff it in to the front opening pocket with the microfiber side up since it tends to absorb faster than hemp. Alternatively, you can choose to not stuff the pocket at all and just place the natural hemp side of the insert on top of the diaper against your baby’s skin. I prefer to stuff it, although the pocket opening is quite small and the diaper is overall pretty narrow. It’s not the easiest diaper to stuff, but it’s doable for me. My husband can’t stuff this diaper though. I’m sure he could if he really tried, but he skips over it during diaper laundry.

Babykicks Basic Inserts Blog Final - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

This diaper uses a snap down rise to adjust size (approximately 7-40 lbs.). You’ll end up with 4 different sizing options. I like to refer to them as small, medium, large, and extra large. Haley is 19 months old and 22 lbs. and is wearing this diaper on the large setting. So I still have the option of unsnapping it fully opened. The diaper is incredibly trim due to the side snaps and the placement of the rise snaps (in a sort of V shape) and we get a stellar fit around the legs.

Babykicks Basic Poppy Red Small Blog Final - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

Babykicks Basic Poppy Red Medium Blog Final - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

Babykicks Basic Poppy Red Large Blog Final - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

Babykicks Basic Poppy Red X Large Blog Final - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

I had some leaks the first few times I used the diaper but that was ALL my fault because I was too impatient to fully prep the hemp insert. Oops. It’s worked perfectly fine after a few more washes to get it to it’s maximum absorbency and I haven’t had any leaks since. So overall a great, trim diaper!

Which cloth diaper closure options are your favorite? Have you tried a side snapping diaper yet? You’ve got to try Babykicks – so trim!

Buy it

You can purchase the Babykicks Basic Pocket Diaper, like the one I reviewed, on the Babykicks Website or select retailers, like my affiliate Kelly’s Closet, for $15.99.


Be sure to check out Babykicks on Facebook and Twitter for up to date product announcements and limited edition prints!

Win it

Babykicks Giveaway - Cloth Diaper Closure Options Post

One lucky According to Jenny reader is going to win a $15 Gift Card to spend at Babykicks! You can choose to use it towards one of their diapers or buy any other item(s) you wish!

Enter below using the rafflecopter form. The first entry is mandatory and then the rest of the entries are optional, but will greatly increase your chances of winning! You can view my official giveaway rules here. Good Luck!

US/CAN, 18+, Ends 2/10/14

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.***

Winner: Sharon F.

Babykicks winner

Disclosure I

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  1. Julie Bartlett says:

    I have a couple side snap diapers in my stash, they are super trim.

  2. I love the babykicks hemp inserts and would love to try one of their diapers. I’m not sure about the side snaps though, especially with my squirmy toddler who loves to try and get out of diaper changes.

  3. BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper

  4. I used to use all snaps, but have recently switched to almost all hook and loop lately due to an impatient toddler! Side snaps are nice and trim, but I’m loving quality H&L diapers these days!

  5. Kortney Picker says:

    I would love to get the Basic Pocket Diaper in the limited edition print of Baby Safari! I haven’t use cloth diapers before I am hoping to use them on my daughter (due date February 20th), so I definitely have a lot to learn!

  6. I’ve used Babykicks hemp wipes, super soft, we need to stock up. Would love to try out their pocket diaper!

  7. I am a snap closure fan. Too many H&L covers and diapers have snagged other diapers in the laundry. Bummis aplix didn’t seeem to have these issues but many other companies H&L did.

  8. We use snaps. I haven’t used anything else but snaps. They have always been very secure (we use the Flip diapering system). I would love to try a Babykicks diaper!

  9. Like you, I’ve used BabyKicks hemp inserts but never tried their pocket diapers. I didn’t even know their pocket diapers came with hemp inserts! My toddler is a very heavy wetter, and if my next baby is the same, I’d love to add some more hemp to my stash. :)

  10. Great blog!

  11. I really like the side snap diapers and would also like to try the hemp wipes.

  12. So far only snaps, but I’m thinking about trying the hoop & loop, easier on a squirmy baby? Love to get some Joeybunz!

  13. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I think I’d apply the gift card to a BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper. I’ve only used snaps so far, and I think I’ll stick with them.

  14. Jenn McClearn says:

    I prefer diapers with snaps I find that they hold up very well. I would buy a baby kicks swim diaper with the gift code

  15. I’d probably use the gift card to get a Babykicks Basic Pocket Diaper. Anxious to see how those side snaps work.

  16. Jamie Johnson says:

    If I won I’d buy some new snappis. Who keeps hiding all of mine anyway???? lol

  17. I would like to get Organic Fitted Trial Pack. don’t have any cloth diapers yet I no that is bad bud no baby yet but love to try and win some to stare a stash before baby.

  18. Taylor Schell says:

    I’ve never tried side snap diapers but I would definitely like to! for prefolds I definitely like snappis and boingos. I like boingos a little better because I always felt like the snappi was tight across my sons pelvis/belly whatever (yes I stretched them.) for diaper covers I like Velcro but for aios and pockets I like snaps better and some brands I think I get a better fit with snaps. I do get quite annoyed with Velcro and it’s tendency to wear down rather quickly. I have some baby kicks hemp inserts but am really interested in some of their other products like maybe the nursing pads! I’m not a huge fan of pockets but I would go gaga over a hemp prefold. I love hemp and I love prefolds but don’t have one yet!

  19. Jami Fernandez says:

    I just ordered 6 basic diapers and can’t wait to get them in!

  20. Thanks for the giveaways!

  21. Gabrielle Dennison says:

    I love Babykicks cloth wipes. I would probably buy a couple of packs more to use for my son. Good durable wipes.

  22. Wendy Mastin says:

    I would get the BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper – Limited Edition

  23. BabyKicks Organic Fitted

  24. Haven’t tried a side snapping diaper yet but would love to try Babykicks.

  25. Vicki Hall says:

    I don’t own any side snap diapers I’d get a Babykicks Basic diaper I’ve always wanted to try a Babykicks diaper.

  26. I’d get a basic pocket diaper.

  27. I would use the gift card to try out an Organic Fitted diaper.

  28. Lindsay Coffman says:

    I would try their doublers. I’ve heard good things about them.

  29. I love the BabyKicks!!!! Would love to try one out on my littlest! :)

  30. I have had 3 kids now in cloth diapers using a random assortment of hand-me-down diapers from other folks. My stash is getting a little worn so it would be great to win a new diaper! I’ve never tried anything from Babykicks!

  31. sharon fuller says:

    I am still new to this. I love how thorough your review is. If I won, I would probably get the BabyKick Basic Pocket. It looks like it would be a good one to have.

  32. hear great things about doublers, want to try them

  33. I am just getting into CD. When I first saw them I thought the OS snaps were crazy looking. After actually learning about CD I’ve decided that snaps are for me. I’m sure there will be a learning curve at first but I’ll figure it out!

  34. Samantha Yoder says:

    I love my snappi, but I just bought a set of Boingos and I’m excited to try them out. I’ve never tried pins but I wouldn’t mind giving them a chance.

  35. Ashley Kline says:

    Do you ever have problems with the rise snaps leaving imprints on Haley’s legs?

  36. Danielle F says:

    I haven’t tried cloth diapers yet, so I’d love to win this in order to try them out!

  37. I would get the Baby Kicks Organic Fitted diapers.

  38. Kate O'Brien says:

    My favorite type of closure is the snaps. I plan to use cloth on all my children (just have one right now) and I’ve read that the snaps last a lot longer than the velcro. If I won the gift card, I think I would get some large Premium Joeybunz.

  39. Medium prefolds

  40. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    If I win I would pick the BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper in Azure with snaps :)

  41. Katherine Blankenship says:

    I don’t have any side snap diapers at all. If I won I’d buy a diaper. I need a bigger stash!!

  42. These look great. I love snaps, but my husband prefers hook/loop. He says his fingers are too big for the snaps!



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