How to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) with a Woven Wrap [+ Chimparoo Woven Wrap Review]

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Woven Wraps can seem intimidating at first with so much fabric, but with a little practice they’re actually pretty easy. One of the first carries you’ll do in a woven wrap is the Front Wrap Cross Carry or FWCC for short. It’s a very basic, yet extremely supportive and comfortable front carry for newborns and up. You’ll need a long wrap  for this carry – a size 6 is usually standard, but I often use a size 5 and larger moms may need a size 7. Below you’ll find step by step instructions for doing a front wrap cross carry and lots of pictures using a Chimparoo Woven Wrap that I was sent to review. I hope it helps you get comfortable using yours…..or inspires you to get one!

How to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry FWCC

How to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry

  • 1. Start off by finding the middle. Most wraps have a tag to designate the middle. If yours doesn’t – fold the wrap in half to find the middle.
  • 2. Place the middle of the wrap under your bust. You can gather it up width wise to make it easier to work with if you prefer.
  • 3. Bring one side of the wrap around your back and over the opposite shoulder. In the picture below I took the left side of the wrap and brought it over my right shoulder. I doesn’t matter which side you do first.

How to do a FWCC Steps 1-3 Chimparoo Iris

  • 4. Gather it up on your shoulder. You don’t want any fabric hanging down your arm. While doing this, just make sure you don’t twist the wrap. You want it to lay as flat as you can get it.
  • 5. Do the same for the opposite side. Take the other side of the wrap, bring it around your back and over the opposite shoulder.
  • 6. Gather that side up on your shoulder as neat as you can. You’ll now have an X on your back. This helps to evenly distribute your baby’s weight and make this carry very comfortable.

How to do a FWCC Steps 4-6 Chimparoo Iris

  • 7. Picture 7 shows what your front should look like now. You’ll have one horizontal pass and the tails of the wrap coming over each shoulder.
  • 8. Put your baby through the horizontal pass. I put her high up on my shoulder, bring both legs through the wrap and then sit her bottom into the fabric.
  • 9. Next, you’ll want to make sure your baby has a good seat. Make sure they’re sitting deeply in the fabric with their knees up higher than their butt. You’ll want to reach down and make sure that there is some fabric coming up in between the two of you and that the fabric is spread under your baby from knee to knee. Pull the top rail of the wrap all the way up to the back of their neck or at least to their armpits if they prefer to have their arms out.

How to do a FWCC Steps 7-9 Chimparoo Iris

  • 10. Now you’ll begin to tighten the wrap. The important thing to remember is that the top rail of fabric across your baby is controlled by the side that is closest to your neck and the bottom rail across your baby corresponds to the side of the fabric that is closest to your shoulder. It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but the Chimparoo Iris has 2 different colored rails. One is blue and one is purple. It helps a ton if you get confused. Start out by tightening the top rail on one side. I like to pull the inside of that piece up and out as you can see in picture 10 and give a few shoulder shrugs to help guide the wrap.
  • 11. Now you’ll tighten the rest of the width of the wrap on that same side. You’ll want to hold the tension in one hand so you don’t undo what you’ve already done. You’ll use one hand to pull the wrap tight strand by strand and then transfer it to the other hand to hold it tight.

How to do a FWCC Steps 10 and 11 Chimparoo Iris

  • 12 and 13. Now you’ll repeat the exact same thing on the other side. The only difference is that now you’ll need to hold the side you already tightened in one hand (or put it between your knees) while you work with the other side.

How to do a FWCC Steps 12 and 13 Chimparoo Iris

  • 14 and 15. Cross the two ends under your baby’s butt, bring it under their legs and tie in a double knot behind you. At this point you could be done if you wanted. This is great for warm weather since there’s only one layer of fabric over your baby, but it’s not so great if your child is a leaner – as you can see in photo 15. She dropped her chalk!

How to do a FWCC Steps 14 and 15 Chimparoo Iris

  • 16. To provide additional support (or warmth) you can spread out the cross (the X) of fabric on your front. You’ll start with the piece that’s underneath and spread it out from knee to knee and up over their shoulder. Repeat with the other piece that’s on top.
  • 17. You’re done! That’s a front wrap cross carry! I like to do a few things that aren’t shown in the pictures to maximize comfort. I like to check in a mirror  (or the side of a car or just use my hands if neither of those are around) to make sure that the X on my back is nice and flat and spread out. If I’ll be wearing this for a few hours then I also like to sandwich the shoulders instead of having the fabric just bunched up. To do this, you’ll pull all the fabric from your shoulder down over your arm to spread it out. Then, you’ll bring the end that’s on your arm back up and even with the end that’s by your neck. Doing this, essentially folds the wrap in half. Then you’ll repeat on the other side.

How to do a FWCC Steps 16 and 17 Chimparoo Iris

Chimparoo Woven Wraps

Chimparoo is a Canadian based company that makes several different baby carrier options. I think they’re most well known for their affordable wraps, but they also make ring slings and mei tais out of wrap fabric, 2 soft structured carriers, and a stretchy wrap.

Chimparoo Woven Wrap Iris - front wrap cross carry post

The Chimparoo Woven Wrap is made out of 100% cotton and is woven in cross twill – which just refers to the pattern of the weave. It has some diagonal stretch, but none lengthwise – so it’s extremely supportive (birth to about 3 or 4ish) and easy to adjust. The edges are hemmed, and like I said above, each rail is a different color (on the Iris anyway – not sure about the other color ways). There’s a tag to designate the middle of the wrap for ease in starting off different carries and the ends are slightly tapered to aid in tying. One taper has some warnings and guides sewn in, which I happen to dislike the look of, but it doesn’t effect tying at all. I’m sure it’s a Canadian requirement for them to be there.

Chimparoo Woven Wrap Iris - front wrap cross carry post

They offer 4 different sizing options that refers to the length of the wrap – the width is the same on all of them (.70 meters). They have a Short (2.5 meters or about a size 2), Kangaroo (3.6 meters or about a size 4), Regular (4.5 meters or about a size 6), and an Extra Long (5.2 meters or about a size 7). The wrap I have is the Regular and is what most people can do most carriers with. You’ll size up or down based on your body size and the type of carries you want to do, but it’s a great size to start out with. And note that it will shrink slightly the first time you wash it (either hand wash and air dry or gentle cold wash in your washer and dry on low), but that’s accounted for when woven and cut.

Chimparoo has an extensive online guide and an included 75 minute DVD to help you learn many different carries. I find that this is such a great resource to have on hand because the only way to get better at wrapping is to wrap and practice – so I love that they’ve made it so easy to learn. The DVD and print instructions show you a variety of wrapping techniques for newborn through preschooler on your front, hip, and back.

Chimparoo Woven Wrap Iris - front wrap cross carry post

I often recommend the Chimparoo Woven Wrap to beginners in my BWI group for several reasons. First, it’s soft right out of the box. This isn’t the case with the majority of wraps. Most wraps require you to “break” them in and can be quite rough at first. Not so with the Chimparoo. It’s buttery soft right off the bat. Second, they’re affordable. Most people just starting out with wrapping don’t want to spend a ton just in case they end up not liking it. So at around $100 for a long wrap – it’s an unbeatable price. And lastly, they just seem to be so easy to wrap with. They glide smoothly and are just so moldable. It’s really just a great beginner wrap and will last you forever – really. As long as you take care of it and wash according to the instructions – it will last through all your children and you can pass it on when you’re done or save it for your children’s children.

Buy it

You can purchase a Chimparoo Woven Wrap, like the one I reviewed, on the Chimparoo Website or select retailers for between $74.95 and 105.95 depending on size in 7 different colors (Iris is pictured here). The Regular size that I have is $97.95. If you know anything about wraps then you’ll know that this is a STEAL.


Check out Chimparoo on Facebook (it’s in French but you can have it translated) and Twitter.

Win it

Want to win one? Make sure you go and enter the Fall Back into Babywearing Event that I have going on right now! A Chimparoo Woven Wrap is up for grabs in the size and color of your choosing. Enter HERE through 11/3/13.

Have you ever used a woven wrap? If so, what’s you’re favorite carry? Have you tried a Chimparoo? If you were to win what size and color would you choose?


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  1. rebeka deleon says:

    i have not tried a woven wrap or a chimparoo. I would get a regular in jazz.

  2. I have never tried a wrap before. I absolutely want to try one with my newborn due in april.I would get the regular size in the blue that you reviewed. Beautiful wrap!!!

  3. I have never tried any type of woven wrap, but I would choose size regular in Azur! These wraps look incredible!

  4. Misspinkkate says:

    I tried a woven ring sling and I loved it!

  5. Nicole Buza says:

    Great review! I love how you’ve shown pictures of both front and back, as well as detailed descriptions on how to do each step.

    • Nicole Buza says:

      Have you ever used a woven wrap? No, I’ve been reading up on them, and would really like to try. To be honest I’ve been intimidated haha.
      If so, what’s you’re favorite carry?
      Have you tried a Chimparoo? Never.
      If you were to win what size and color would you choose? I would chose a regular length in any color that happens to catch my eye at the time, I’m not too picky.

  6. kara brown says:

    I have never tried Chimparoo’s woven wrap, but I have tried the moby wrap and I love d it for the younger baby, especially for breastfeeding. If I were to win Chimparoo’s woven wrap I would get the Iris color in regular lenth.

  7. I’m just getting started with woven wraps, but I am getting a lot better at them. One of the three wovens I have tried out was a Chimparoo. I liked it. It was definitely soft, like you say. My daughter likes to see everything and she’s a wiggler, so she kicks out of her seat a lot. I would say my favorite carry is a back ruck with the material stretched over the bum twice for an extra seat. (New to the terms, so I can mainly tell you what I mean.)
    If I were to win, I would want a Juliet or Iris in medium or regular! Gorgeous colors. :)

  8. Christina M says:

    I have a stretchy wrap which I love, but I have never tried a woven wrap. I would love to try one since these wraps can support more weight than my stretchy wrap as it will eventually get too stretched out (my LO is only 3 months old so the stretchy wrap is great for now) I would like Iris in regular!

  9. I don’t have a woven wrap, but I’d love to try! If I won, I’d want zoo or jazz, but all the colors are beautiful.

  10. I love the look of these woven wraps! The fabric looks like such high quality and the colors are so rich!

  11. I’ve never used a woven wrap. I’ve never tried Chimperoo. If I were to win, I’d choose the Sol in regular.

  12. I was never able to use wraps when my girls were young,they just weren’t available. This wrap is beautiful and you have laid out the instructions very well. Thank you!

  13. Short wrap in the Azur! I have never had a woven wrap!

  14. I had a woven wrap (EllaRoo) many years ago when my now nine-year-old was a baby. I’d love to have another one! I’d choose the Iris color.

  15. I didn’t do this with my first two babies, but I would love to “wear” my third baby! It looks a little complicated, but I think I can figure it out.

  16. Melanie Molnar says:

    I have never worn any type of carrier, I would love to start baby wearing. I hope to win a carrier of any sort in this contest to begin my journey

  17. I’ve never tried a woven wrap, and actually my kids are too big now so I’m looking into this for my SIL to use with my nephew! If I won, I’d choose the regular length, and let her pick the pattern. 😉

  18. One Southern Girl says:

    I’ve never tried a woven wrap, although I’d love too. If I won, I think I’d pick Iris or Zoo… Probably in regular size, but I’m not sure how to tell since my computer refuses to translate French. :p

  19. Megan Hall says:

    I have not tried a woven wrap but have really been wanting to! Love the iris, probably would get a 5.

  20. Sandy Chiang says:

    I could never get this right lol you made it look so much easier

  21. Reggie Horton says:

    Have you ever used a woven wrap? Yes, one.
    If so, what’s you’re favorite carry? Fwcc
    Have you tried a Chimparoo? No, but would love too!
    If you were to win what size and color would you choose? Size 6 boy color.


  22. harley shank says:

    i have not ever used one of these wraps, but if i were to win one i would like a size 6 and some sort of pink color :) you explained it very well so i feel confident id do great with this one :)

  23. I love a good ruck when in a pinch. I would love a size 6 in any shade of blue!!

  24. Christina Howell says:

    I have never tried a wrap before, but they look really nice. Thanks for all the pictures and steps on how to use this wrap. It is so helpful!

  25. A woven wrap is one of the few baby carriers I have not tried. My favorite wrap is Juliet.

  26. I haven’t tried a wrap yet but I really want to. If I won I’d pick Iris.

  27. I’ve tried Moby wraps but never a woven wrap. They look beautiful!

  28. I’d choose the short size in Tango. I’ve never tried wraps and like the front style. It’s great there’s such an extensive video included. Love the name Chimparoo too!

  29. This is the only carry that I can do in a woven wrap! I’ve never heard of Chimparoo but I love the fact that they make babywearing possible for all shapes and sizes!

  30. I haven’t used a woven wrap yet, my first is due in January. I’ve been thinking of using the front wrap cross carry when I try a wrap. If I were to win I would like the regular size in the tango color.

  31. mellissa crandall says:

    I have never used a woven wrap before but I would love to. I would like a size extra large in the soi color. thank you

  32. I have tried the fwcc in a diy woven, but didn’t have much success. I’ll try it again with your suggestions! I love many Chimparoo colours; my favourite might be zoo.

  33. I have not used any type of babycarrier yet since my first is due in December, but I can’t wait to baby wear. I have seen women using the woven wraps and they looked complicated, so thanks for this great tutorial!
    Chimparoo has a great color selection. I’d probably pick Iris but Sol catches my eye too!

  34. Anna Parks says:

    I’ve never used a woven wrap, but I really want to!

  35. sarah dugan says:

    I’ve never tried a woven, but I would if I could get my hands on one! The one here is beautiful.

  36. sarah dugan says:

    I think I’d want Isis in regular.

  37. I’ve never used a woven wrap, but I would get Juliet in regular.

  38. I’d love to get a woven wrap. We have a Moby wrap, which is awesome snuggly for newborns but I wouldn’t use it with my toddler.

  39. I have a Chimparoo and just like Jenny, I would totally recommend it to everyone.
    Yes, you have to learn to wrap your baby, but its so easy, convenient and comfortable.. And you are also supporting a Canadian business, which is always a bonus. (yes, I am canadian, wink!)

  40. I’ve only used a stretchy wrap (usually a FWCC), but my baby is too heavy for it now. I’ve been wanting a woven for a while for that reason. If I were lucky enough to win I’d pick the regular size in Iris.

  41. I’ve only used a Moby and a Mei Tai but I love them both and would love to try others!

  42. Never tried a wrap before but you make it look so simple! Would love to get one of these for my next one!

  43. I have not tried a Chimparoo wrap. My favorite carry depends on the age of the wrappee, but either FWCC or Half JBC. I would choose a kangaroo in Jazz.

  44. I’m wondering if you can use that carry with the moby. I have one but I’m still getting used to it. Now I want the chimparoo! Should I really have two wrap style carriers? Haha. If I win I’d want it in the regular size in Azul. If I don’t win. I’m definitely saving up to buy one!

    • You can never have too many! 😉 You can do this carry with the Moby, but I think the PWCC is a little more supportive since you have that outside band.

  45. marjorie chan says:

    I have not tried a woven wrap nor a Chimparoo yet but I would love to have one in any girly color like pink that would fit my 5-month old baby girl!

  46. I have never used a woven wrap, I have always been interested in trying it out.

  47. laurie nykaza says:

    No i have not tried one before. Iris color in Regular scarf size

  48. Stacey Roberson says:

    I have never used a woven wrap or a Chimparoo. I would choose the Azur in regular.

  49. I have never used a woven wrap or Chimparoo, but I’d love to! I would choose the Juliet in regular

  50. Wow! This is a great review and seeing/reading the step to step guide is really easy. I hope I can get one of these Chimparoo woven wrap because these are great and would not hurt the back and shoulders.

  51. I have never tried a Chimparoo before, but I would love to. I really like the striped pattern that you reviewed the most.

  52. I have never used a wrap before let alone bought a baby carrier but I always wanted and needed one I so would love one for my son I’m so use to carrying my children and getting back problems I’ve decided with my last baby coming in janurary this would be a good time to try one I love it

  53. Kim Pfeiffer says:

    I have never tried a wrap of any kind. I would love to be able to try a chimparoo in a regular size in either the azur or iris color!

  54. Kristen Coronado says:

    I have not tried this type of wrap, but I would love to. Thanks so much for the pictures they are easy to follow!! I look forward to having a chance at winning one! I have used a woven wrap called a Natibaby. I like it but I got it in a six and it is much too big. I am not sure on the color I would choose but I think I would pick a 4 or something around that. I don’t have a favorite carry. I only know one I learned off of Youtube. It is a front carry. I live in Texas and it has been too hot to use my thick linen Natibaby until very recently.

  55. Rebecca Burtt says:

    I’ve never tried a woven wrap. I would want the extra long in Juliet!

  56. I have never heard of Chimparoo before, and have never worn a woven wrap. I really like the Azur color.

  57. Amelia Jarvis says:

    I have never tried either a woven wrap or the chimparoo wrap. Id love to try one of these tho! expecting our first baby soon!!!!!I would love the regular in Iris!!!

  58. Jessica Schlecht says:

    I have never used one, but i would love to with my new one this month. I would probably choose the jazz, it would go with everything i wear!

  59. Thanks for the instructions! Wraps kind of confuse me still. I have a moby and never quite got the hang of it.

  60. I have not tried a woven wrap, but the Chimparoo looks so comfy, I’d definitely like to. I’d get the Juliet in a regular.

  61. Jessica Simmons says:

    I have not tried a woven wrap, I do use a ring sling. I like the Iris color in a large size.

  62. I’ve never tried a woven wrap! I’d like a size regular in zoo.

  63. amanda whitley says:

    i have never used a woven wrap before because i’m too paranoid that baby wouldn’t be fully supported but you helped eased that with this method/step by step how to!

  64. I’ve never used a woven wrap. It always seemed so complicated, but your baby sure looks comfortable!

  65. Never used a woven wrap (I have a ring sling and a Biba 3G, have used my niece’s Moby once), so I don’t have a favorite way to use it. I’m really liking the iris pattern.

  66. Ashley Campbell says:

    Never tried a wrap before. I would loveee to try it out now!! Thank you for the review! The Iris looks really pretty :) Would love that one.

  67. Stephanie mcnamee says:

    Great article! I love the step by step instructions…carriers can be so difficult to figure out.

  68. Chelsea Ewing says:

    I’ve always used a Moby wrap and either I’ve been wrapping wrong this whole time or this company just found a better way to wrap! Definitely trying this technique! (instead of crossing the “flaps” and tucking them into the “seat belt” before putting baby in)

  69. Love how soft and comfortable this looks for both mom and baby!!

  70. What a beautiful wrap! I’ve never heard of this company before. So glad to see a “local” wrap source — I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for the detailed review and instructions.

  71. Victoria W. says:

    where was your post 4 months ago :) I gave up using our wrap because I couldn’t figure it out, your pictures make a world of difference!

  72. Michelle Martin says:

    I have used a woven wrap but I’m not sure on my favorite carry yet because I haven’t tried that many. I’ve never used a Chimparoo but if I won one, I would choose the regular size in Azur. :)

  73. I haven’t tried a woven wrap, but know I will need one once baby is too big for the moby. This one looks like a good one and very similar to the moby.

  74. Wow, what a beautiful wrap! I’m hoping to win a wrap for baby 3 due in December! I have an Ergo carrier, and feel comfortable carrying my babies in it when they’re several months old, but would Love to try a wrap or ring sling with our NB. The baby just looks like he is in a more natural position when I see them carried this way.

  75. Sara Rambo says:

    What a great review! And such a lovely wrap too! I have never used a woven wrap before, so I have no favorite carrying position, but I can say that if I could do a back carry and have my hands free again, my life would be much different! Also I’ve obviously never used. Chimparoo, if I had to pick a favorite color it would have to be the beautiful blue one you used in this review.

  76. I’m entering for my daughter… she’s expecting her first, so she’s never used a woven wrap (neither have I if that counts..) I did use a front carrier, not woven, and I did like it. I would pick the regular wrap in jazz.

  77. Jenny Pizana says:

    Never uses a woven, just a Mobywrap. But iit’s time to upgrade!

  78. I love all of your tutorials and this one if no exception. I gave up wearing wraps because I never felt as though the baby was secure enough. However, after reading more of your tutorials and reviews I think may try it again with my baby girl who is due in Feb.

  79. Erica Walton says:

    I’ve used a few woven wraps…I like doing FWCC and a SHBC the best…
    I’ve never tried a Chimparoo? If I were to win I’d love to try a 3 in Iris…

  80. I like it in sol. I like that you can use it from birth to 3-4 year old. I also like that it come in 4 different lengths

  81. I’ve never used a woven carry, but they are so pretty!

  82. I’ve never used a woven wrap but I’ve heard that they’re great because they don’t stretch out! I’m also tall and I have the hardest time getting carriers to fit right, I’m hoping with this baby a wrap will do the trick. I’d pick an Azur in Extra-Long.

  83. I have never had a baby wrap. I have 2 babies and in desperate need of one! I like the azur and in a size 7! thanks for the chance to win (:

  84. I love my woven wraps! My favorite carry is a ruck. I’ve never used this brand. If i won one i would like any gender neutral colors :)

  85. Andrea Merrill says:

    I have only tried a moby, and i can’t figure out how to use it comfortably. I have not tried a chimparoo, but if I won one I would want a larger size 7 cause the regular size moby makes me feel like I ran out of fabric before I am finished.

  86. I haven’t ever had a wrap before, but if I were to win this one I think I would want extra long and the color that is shown here. (:

  87. I have not tried a woven wrap. I would choose the Sol Regular wrap! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  88. I am a newer babywearing, and I love the tutorial. It was very helpful.

  89. maria carrasco says:

    I have not use a woven wrap before. I would choose size regular in Iris.

  90. Not a woven, but Ive used a stretchy. Im fairly new at the whole thing, so Ive only ever used this basic front carry you demonstrated. Havent tried this brand, but I like the Regular Bio!

  91. Brianne Smallwood says:

    I’ve not yet used a woven wrap, but would love a Chimparoo Kangarou or Regular wrap in Sol.

  92. I own a chimparoo woven wrap!
    i love the kangaroo carry, still trying to master the back carry!
    i’d choose the regular wrap in Juliet.

  93. Michelle Randall says:

    This wrap is beautiful, might be my very favourite one so far.

  94. There wasn’t anything like this 40 years ago when I could have used it. Very nice looking.

  95. Michelle J. says:

    My favorite woven wrap carry is a ruck tied tibetan, but I also love FWCC for cuddling. I haven’t tried a Chimparoo but if I won, I’d love to try an extra long Iris.

  96. Jennifer Kincaid says:

    I have never used a woven wrap. If chosen I think I would get a regular size iris.

  97. I’m new to wraps, but love the idea! I would be interested in the extra size in jazz! Big baby, big mommy :)

  98. Cierra Gellatly says:

    I have never used a woven wrap. I’d love a Regular size in Iris as my first :)

  99. I’ve never tried a woven wrap before, but I am dying to. The price, however, is a little intimidating. I would love an Iris in size regular. I love the blue shades.

  100. Anna Anderson says:

    I have never used a woven wrap but want one really bad! I would love Zoo in either regular or extra-long (not sure which would be best for a 5’11 me and 6′ hubby. Maybe extra long?

  101. I have never tried a woven wrap, but the Chimparoo ones look beautiful. I really like the Iris one.

  102. Melinda Stephens says:

    I’ve never used a woven wrap before. I’d choose the iris color in extra long.

  103. I have never used a woven wrap before :( I would choose Iris or Bio in a regular (size 6).

  104. Mindy Campbell says:

    I have never used a wrap. If I were to win one, I would want a regular size in the color Jazz.

  105. I have never used a woven wrap because I was too intimidated. Great instructions! I wish I would have seen this when my kids were younger. I really like the Iris one though.

  106. Marisa Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for posting the instructions. I’ve always been scared to invest in one of these types of wraps, because I thought they were too hard to use. Your instructions made me feel like I could do it! The wrap you used is really beautiful. Thank you again :-)

  107. sarah vugrich says:

    I have never tried a wrap I would love to though!

  108. Yuhfen Lin says:

    Yes, I love woven wraps. My favorite carrier is Double Hammock with cccb.
    I haven’t try a Chimparoo wrap yet. Would love to get on so I can learn about it and be able to tell those I help with babywearing how this wrap is like.
    I would love a regular Iris.

  109. Cassandra Kelton says:

    I have wanted to but have never used a woven wrap! If I win I would choose an extra long wrap in Iris!

  110. The only carrier I have is a woven sling wrap so I am not sure if I could do this carry, but I would love to try it. It looks so easy on the back

  111. I haven’t used a woven wrap or Chimparoo before.

  112. Danielle F says:

    No, I’ve never used a woven wrap before, but I’d like to try a Chimparoo in one of the purple multi colors.

  113. Maggie Russell says:

    I love wovens! My favorite carry is a double hammock with a candy cane chest belt, but I’d love to win Iris in a extra long so I can play with longer wraps.

  114. I have never tried the Chimparoo slings…but would love the regular size in Sol :-)

  115. That looks like a great carrier! I am definitely going to need to baby wear with this baby, because this time I will have a toddler running around! LOL

  116. Michael Lambert says:

    I have never used a wrap before. If I were to get one I would get the regular size in Azur.

  117. I love the step by step pictures!! This post is now bookmarked :) This will be a lifesaver one my little one is born in December!!

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