Tips for Using Ring Slings [+ Comfy Joey Ring Sling Review and Giveaway]

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***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Read on for Tips for Using Ring Slings.***

I’ve been using ring slings since Grady was a tiny baby and they’ve become my favorite type of carrier over my last 3 years of babywearing. Both my kids absolutely love them and I find them to be versatile, comfortable, and gorgeous. I think they’re one of the most classy baby carriers out there. The colors, the fabrics, the way the fabric drapes – just lovely. Dressed up or down – they’re my go to carrier and I use one EVERY SINGLE DAY. With all that experience, I feel confident (and qualified as a Volunteer Babywearing Educator through Babywearing International) to give out some tips for using ring slings. They can be a little tricky at first, but if you follow the tips below, you’ll be rockin’ the ring sling in no time!

Tips for Using Ring Slings

Tips for Using Ring Slings

1. Before you even put it on make sure the fabric is spread out evenly in the rings with each edge of the fabric being on the outside. This will make it easier to tighten and adjust once you have your baby in.

2. Place your rings higher than where you want them to end up. The weight of your baby will bring them down into the correct position. The correct position is the same spot you would wear a corsage – not on your shoulder, not on your boobs.

3. Spread the fabric out over your shoulder to maximize comfort. The fabric should cup your shoulder. It shouldn’t be on your neck nor sliding down off your shoulder.

4. Create a good seat for your baby as you slide them down in to the sling. Some fabric should come up between the 2 of you to create a nice pouch that your baby will sit in with their knees up higher than their butt. Their legs should not be hanging straight down – your baby could potentially fall out. If you have a small baby you can alternatively tuck their legs up in a froggy position inside the sling.

5. Pull the fabric all the way up your baby’s back to the tops of their shoulders. Older babies may prefer having their arms out – and that’s fine – just be sure the fabric is pulled up to their armpits.

6. Tighten the sling’s top and bottom rails by pulling the tail of the sling UP and OVER across your body while pushing up on your baby’s bottom. The inside edge (closest to baby) will tighten the top and the outside edge will tighten the bottom of the sling. Tighten until your baby is right up close to you and you feel secure enough to let go. Your baby should not be able to lean away from you and you shouldn’t have to use your hands to support your baby.

That’s it! It takes a bit of practice – but once you get it – you’ll fall in love with ring slings.

Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling

Comfy Joey Ring Sling Review - tips for using ring slings, baby in ring sling, ring sling, baby carrier

The ring sling I’m wearing in these pictures was provided free to review from Comfy Joey. It’s the Canary Islands Sunny Yellow Linen Ring Sling and it is just absolutely gorgeous! I get compliments on it all the time. I love that it’s bright and stands out – anything that I can do to promote babywearing is a plus in my book! People come up and ask me about it, or tell me how pretty it is, and I use that to invite them to my babywearing group. :)

The fabric is linen so it’s thin (yet supportive), breathable, and great for hot summer weather. It starts out pretty rough so you’ll need to wash it (on cold), line dry, and steam iron to get it to soften up. And then it’ll continue to soften up over time. You’ll find little nubs and thread pulls in the linen, but this is characteristic of the type of fabric and IS NOT a flaw. It adds character and uniqueness to the sling.

Comfy Joey Ring Sling - Tips for using ring slings, ring slings, baby carrier, baby in ring sling

The sling I’m wearing is a size small, but that has nothing to do with adjustability. The sizing just refers to how long you want your tail to be. The small is 78 inches long from rings to tail unthreaded. It falls right above the knee on me and I’m about 5’8″ and slender.

This sling comes with medium sized silver slingrings, but I actually find that I prefer the larger size – just personal preference though, as I find it’s easier to adjust with larger rings.

Comfy Joey Ring Sling Hybrid Shoulder - Tips for using ring slings

The way the rings are sewn in to the sling is unique to Comfy Joey and is called a Hybrid Shoulder. It is a combination of a pleated shoulder and a gathered shoulder. It allows you to be able to spread the fabric wide over your shoulder for comfort OR make the shoulder narrower for greater range of movement. I typically prefer a pleated shoulder, but I find Comfy Joey’s Hybrid Shoulder to be just as comfortable for me. It may be my new favorite.

Do you have any experience with ring slings? Have you tried a Comfy Joey one yet? I’d love to hear your experiences and questions in the comments!

Buy it

You can purchase a Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling, like the one I reviewed, on the Comfy Joey website and select retailers starting at  $62.50. The sling I’m wearing was $72.50. Comfy Joey also offers toddler width ring slings for a little more.


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Win it

Comfy Joey Giveaway - Tips for Using Ring Slings

Three lucky According to Jenny readers are going to win $25 gift certificates to Comfy Joey! It’s almost enough to purchase a doll sling or help you make a purchase of any of the slings you’ve been eyeing!

Enter below using the rafflecopter form. The first entry is mandatory and then the rest of the entries are optional, but will greatly increase your chances of winning! You can view my official giveaway rules here. Good Luck!

US/CAN 18+, Ends 7/26/13

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.***

Winners: Gail W., Jenn M., Lisa B.

Comfy Joey Winners

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  1. Can’t wait to learn ring slings! :)I could totally see me loving them!

  2. Vivian S says:

    Never tried a ring sling.. Looks comfy!

  3. Looking forward to trying a ring sling with my next baby!

  4. Denise P says:

    I love comfy Joey!

  5. Claiborne says:

    Never tried a ring, but with #2 I think it will be helpful.

  6. I have never tried a ring sling, I have wanted one since I saw a mom wearing one.

  7. I just received a ring sling to review for my blog :) and after watching the video they gave me, realized I was doing ring slings all wrong!! No wonder they weren’t that comfortable when I tried them before! So, I’ve used it a few times with my 2 year old (and it’s working much much better), but he’s getting heavy and I’m 8 months pregnant….so I’m really excited to try it with this new baby!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I havent tried ringslings yet, just the ergo. and id really love to!

  9. My birth class instructor absolutely raved about ring slings. Baby is due in September and I would love to have one to try out!

  10. Melissa H. says:

    I’d really love to try a ring sling, and theirs look to be some of the best! So beautiful. Thanks for the chance!

  11. I love ring slings! So easy and convenient to use! You and your sweet girl look great in that bright yellow sling btw! :)

  12. I think ring slings are beautiful. I’d love to try one!

  13. Such a great giveaway. I think baby wearing is such an important part of bonding with your baby.

  14. Stephanie says:

    Never tried a ring sling, but I love my Ergo and Moby! Maybe it’s time to start collecting babywearing items. That could be dangerous. :)

  15. My baby is due in October and I am very interested in baby wearing. I’m a little overwhelmed by the different types! I registered for a couple different kinds so we will see! This one looks comfortable.

  16. I’m just getting into babywearing research. Thanks for your review, very helpful.

  17. I’ve been babywearing for many years. I tried with my oldest (now 19 years old 😮 ) but all I had was a pastel blue Snuggli crotch dangler that was extremely uncomfortable for both of us. I tried repeatedly but couldn’t wear it often or for too long. I was really young though so I was strong and gave it a good effort. When my next baby arrived I found a used Over the Shoulder Baby Holder at a baby consignment store and we fell in love! I wore my baby to the aquarium, the store (I’d get some really odd looks back then. 14 years ago, not too many people baby wore around me.) the park. We nursed with it. It was great! Next baby I found a Maya Wrap. By this time I was a SAHM and that child lived in his sling. He absolutely loved it and we got tons of positive comments and smiles. I did experience an upper back injury so the sling bothered me if I wore him for long stretches. Next baby (I know!lol) didn’t like being worn and since we’d had a traumatic loss of her brother (he was stillborn) 15 months before, plus she was born by emergency c-section, I didn’t push to acclimate her to it. I was just too tired and weak. :( I now have a nine month old baby and we’ve used that same old Maya Wrap, a homemade woven wrap that I got for free with coupons and now a SSSC. I would love to share the babywearing love with a friend of mine so I’m trying to win a sling for her. Great tips and review!

  18. I never tried a ring sling but I would love to!

  19. Love ring slings, so easy to use when you can’t manoeuvre a wrap!

  20. I can’t wait to use a ring sling with my next little one. Thanks for the tips!

  21. Jessica O says:

    I have only used my Ergo and a Moby when my daughter was smaller but I really want to try a ring sling and a woven wrap!

  22. I was really hoping to get a ring sling at my baby shower but I didn’t…this would be awesome! :)

  23. Christi D says:

    I would love to try a ring sling!

  24. My moms made me a ring sling, it’s huge though! I love it still & it makes running errands & taking my baby out so much easier especially for quick errands or a trip to the grocery store

  25. Jennifer Marohn says:

    I’ve never been able to figure out my ring sling (Maya Wrap RS) but i think i’ll try some things you mentioned and try it again.

  26. I love my maya ring sling. I’d love to try the comfy joey!

  27. Colleen O says:

    would love to try a ring sling. I am my grandchild’s caregiver during the day while my single mother daughter works. I use crutches to walk and a ring sling appears to be a better setup for me than the bjorn I currently use…

  28. Laura Smith says:

    I love their slings! so beautiful.. especially the water ones.. what a great prize!

  29. I love the look of the comfy joey!

  30. This sling looks amazingly comfortable and stylish!

  31. I have an Infantino carrier and while I like it, I can’t wear my daughter forward facing because it’s bad for her hips. I would so love to win one of these giftcards because I’ve been debating getting a sling.

  32. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by ring slings. These look great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I love, Love, LOVE my Ergo. And with 2 kids, my ring sling had been collecting dust until only recently. It’s gaining more use though, for these reasons: You can’t beat a ring sling for portability (unlike other carriers, you can roll it up and put it in your bag), you can easily change baby’s position to accommodate different moods and settings, and easy to wash

  34. I know a ring sling is going to be my next babywearing purchase. Looking forward to the next meeting to try one out!

  35. Lindsay Hamilton says:

    I love my ring sling, would love to try linen though!

  36. I’m expecting a baby in August and though I have a Moby Wrap, I’d love to have a ring sling as well. Hoping to win one of these!

  37. Have you used a maya wrap? Do you recommend the comfy Joey over the maya, and if so, could you give reasons please? Due with #2 soon and wanting to try a ring sling for the first time. Thanks!

    • I have! I find them both equally comfy. Maya currently has 2 styles out – 1 is a padded shoulder and the other they call “Comfort Fit” where you can move a band along the shoulder to either spread out or narrow the shoulder. It’s comfortable. Comfy Joey has a hybrid shoulder – part pleated part gathered. I like it a lot. I would just suggest trying different shoulder styles on until you find one you like! Is there a babywearing group near you? They’ll have lots to try on. :)


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