New Kelly’s Closet Fluff Fairy Packages

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I love getting surprise packages in the mail. We do one for Grady and Haley each month that we love and now there’s a new option just for cloth diaper lovers! I’ll repeat that……surprise CLOTH DIAPERS! Are you jumping for joy? I am!

fluff fairy

My affiliate Kelly’s Closet just launched their new Fluff Fairy monthly cloth diaper boxes and they’re only available for this month until the 15th (or until they sell out). So if you want to be surprised with new cloth diapers and accessories this month – you’ll want to sign up ASAP! All the details are below:

  • Each package will contain 1 cloth diaper (or diaper cover and insert combo) and 1-3 accessory samples (detergent, wipes, wipe solution, etc., etc.). And you’ll get to select color preference and closures if available.
  • Price will vary month to month depending on the surprise items inside. This months package is $26.99.
  • This is NOT a subscription service. You only buy and pay for the month you want.
  • Shipping is FREE! Bonus!

Are you intrigued yet? Here’s a little video that they put together that brings it all together.

How can you not be happy and order one after watching that!

Order your Fluff Fairy package NOW!

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  1. I like that it isn’t a subscription thing, because I may not want a box every month, but it sounds like fun!

  2. I love cloth diapers! It is great that you can order when you want and not have to be committed!

  3. i want to get one for my cousin, she recently decided she wants to CD her baby on the way. Super excited.

  4. What fun! I love the suprise element of subscription boxes, so this sounds like something I’d enjoy. And it would make such a great new mom gift!

  5. I think I will get this for my friend who is pregnant and wants to CD! (And maybe one for myself too)

  6. Mary Schuh says:

    I love getting my Fluff Fairy package! It’s so fun to get a surprise!

  7. Love that this is not a subscription, and the price is pretty reasonable too!

  8. Michelle F. says:

    what a fun thing to get in the mail.

  9. This is neat. I’d love to get one for someone.


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