Making Food Fun for Kids [+ FunBites Review and Giveaway]

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***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Read on for Making Food Fun with Kids!***

As you all already know – Grady’s a picky, picky eater. Sometimes I think he’d rather go hungry! I’ve had some good luck getting him to eat when I make his food fun – lots of color, cool shapes, etc. He definitely eats more when I cut his sandwich into shapes than when I leave it whole. Read on below for a few tips on making food fun for kids that have seemed to help me.

making food fun for kids - girl eating watermelon

Making Food Fun for Kids

  • Offer Variety: Although many toddlers like to eat the same foods over and over again, it’s good to offer your kids variety. Not just because it will give them more nutrition, but because it keeps them from getting bored. Buy different fruits and veggies each week to serve and let your kids help pick them out.
  • Lots of Color: Who wants to eat a boring brown plate? Not me. And definitely not Grady! He tends to eat more when his plate is colorful – and not just with the food I serve, but what it comes on. You can find lots of colorful plates, bowls, and utensils on the market.
  • BENTO: We haven’t experimented much with bento – you know those cute little lunch boxes with the food arranged in cutesy ways – but I’m about to place my first order for some supplies! Even though Grady doesn’t yet go to school, I think he’ll love having a bento box lunch.
  • Fun Shapes: Grady always eats more when his food is cut into fun shapes. We use an assortment of cutters including ones that I was sent to review from FunBites. We have all 4 of their cutters – including their new triangle cutter. Grady loves to pick out which one he wants!
  • Let Them Help: From helping in the kitchen preparing their meal to helping pick out the food you’re going to buy at the store and the market – lending a helping hand makes it more likely they’ll eat it! Trust me – it works!


funbites triangle cutter 1 IMG_3367 - making food fun for kids

We absolutely love our FunBites cutters and have been using them for over a year now! You can check out my previous review here. Overall, they’re easy to use, cut through a variety of food, and are super easy to clean (top rack dishwasher safe). They come in 3 different shapes (green squares, orange triangles, and red or pink hearts).

Funbites triangle cutter 2 IMG_3364 - making food fun for kids

We use the square cutter the most often, but it’s fun to combine the different cutters and get creative. We just recently received the triangle cutter and Grady has been asking for that one a lot – especially for cheese. I guess the orange color makes him think of cheese!

funbites triangle cutter 3 IMG_3360 - making food fun for kids

What are your tips for making food fun for kids? Have you tried the FunBites Cutters yet?

Funbites Collage - making food fun for kids

Buy it

You can purchase FunBites, like the ones I’ve reviewed, on the FunBites Website for $12.99 a piece.


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Win it

funbites giveaway - making food fun for kids

One lucky According to Jenny reader is going to win their choice of FunBites Cutter! Which one will you choose?

Enter below using the rafflecopter form. The first entry is mandatory and then the rest of the entries are optional, but will greatly increase your chances of winning! You can view my official giveaway rules here. Good Luck!

US/CAN, 18+, Ends 8/1/13

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.***

Winner: Polly K.

FunBites Winner

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  1. Jessica O says:

    I love using Funbites! The fun shapes help a lot with my picky eater!

  2. Anne Perry says:

    would love to try this for sandwiches and vegetables.

  3. These are so cute!!

  4. Stephanie O says:

    Great idea for little kids.

  5. These are so cute! I know my toddler would love these!

  6. Christi D says:

    Funbites would be fun for kids, or just for appetizers!

  7. This is great! I care for 5 kids under the age of 2 and I just know I’d wear these out!

  8. I have been wanting to try these fun bites for my daughters lunch at school!

  9. Stephanie S. says:

    I think my daughter would love these… food is much more fun when its in cute shapes!

  10. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Not only would one of these make my daughter’s food fun to eat, but it would be a huge time saver. Now I have to cut all her food up piece by piece :/

  11. I have really been wanting to try this. I use a pizza cutter to cut up my son’s food. This would be so much easier!

  12. My three year old would love this. So would I, I wouldn’t be cutting and cutting up lunch forever into fun shapes!

  13. Colleen O says:

    Would love to try these for my grandson as I watch im for my daughter so I can be the fun grammie!

  14. Destiny W. says:

    Fun way to feed picky eaters

  15. krystal rivera says:

    I love using Funbites! The fun shapes help a lot during meals

  16. These are so cute! I’m hoping the shapes will help with my fussy eater. Who doesn’t like food cut into shapes?

  17. What a cute idea!

  18. what a fun idea for kids

  19. Nicole Bear says:

    These are so cute, and easier than trying to cut fun shapes by hand. I definitely would have eaten anything cut up like this as a kid!

  20. Laurie P says:

    great way to prepare their food!

  21. Marissa Hoover says:

    Wow, those do look fun!

  22. I think the fun bites would be fantastic for my son! He’s a year old and eats so well. Little pieces like this would be so fun for him!

  23. the dog you made is the cutest thing ever!!! My son would love for his lunch to be made into the shape of a dog! Can you come make lunch at my house? haha

  24. My daughter will start taking lunch to school this fall and I’m excited to find ways to keep it fun…both for her to eat and me to pack!

  25. Yay!! I love these !! Can’t wait to add the squares to my stash!! Great review Jenny!!
    Maybe you’ll join me and Lindsey on our #bittybentos series !

  26. How fun! Grilled cheese would be the first thing I would try these with.

  27. Chris Mattatall says:

    our youngest is such a picky fussy eater that Im hoping if I were to win these would give him some initiative to eat a lil more!!!!

  28. Jessica Hughes says:

    My son isn’t in school yet, but I still make bento lunches for him every once in awhile. He loves to have his sandwiches cut up into shapes!

  29. I would love to have these for my kids. We use cookie cutters to cut their food noW! How fuN!

  30. Thankfully, I don’t need this for a picky eater, but it would be great for a toddler in a year or two (I’m due in Dec)!

  31. I would like to try those. The look really fun!

  32. My daughter is starting all-day preschool and this would make lunch so fun

  33. Stephanie Williams says:

    these would make “samoosh”es so much easier. she tends to pull thsm apart now.

  34. I’d choose the squares.

  35. Sherry Compton says:

    This would be great for my grand kids or for me to use to take fun shapes to work.

  36. Amanda Alvarado says:

    These would be fun to create cool sandwiches for dd’s lunch! She’s be the talk of the lunchroom!

  37. I would love these to make ava’s finger food with!

  38. I am having a problem right now trying to get both my 3 year old and 21 month old to eat more veggies and fruits. I do think this would help…heck, I think it would be fun to eat food with FunBites! Plus, I think this is wonderful for toddlers to have bite sized food.


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