11 Months Old [Haley]

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We’re getting closer to a year! Haley’s now 11 months old – in just a few weeks will be celebrating her 1st birthday – and Grady’s 3rd!

baby girl 11 Months Old


She’s started walking! No more than a few steps at a time, so not full on walking yet, but still! She kind of waddles like a penguin. It’s funny. Then she falls and claps for herself. Even funnier. Some other new things – walking on her knees, waving “bye-bye,” signing “milk,” and lots of screaming – happy screaming. Like, at the top of her lungs. Then Grady yells, “Stop screaming, Haley,” but in his cute toddler voice that doesn’t quite say things right, yet.

baby girl 11 Months Old


Breastfeeding is still going well. I actually think she’s nursing more now than she was a month ago. Growth spurt, maybe? She’s also started this really annoying habit of pulling on my shirt when she wants to nurse. And she’s not gentle about it either. And the gymnurstics have started already. She tries to roll around, stand, etc. It’s very frustrating. If she does stay still, then she’s got her fingers in my face. Can’t win.

baby girl 11 Months Old

We’re still having issues with dairy. She seems to tolerate when I eat something that has dairy in it as an ingredient (like bread), but not when I have it straight. She got a hold of a sippy cup that had milk in it for Grady, and we had a few rough days. That night she was up 8 times whining and then for the next 3 days she had the nastiest green slimy/foamy poo I have ever seen – which is a clear sign of a food intolerance. Blah – I’m hoping our Dr. will do some tests at her next appointment so we can finally have a definitive answer.

baby girl 11 Months Old


Except for the night after the dairy incident, she’s been sleeping pretty well. She gets up on average 3 times a night to nurse. Since we co-sleep, it’s not too bad. She nurses quickly and goes right back to bed. And I’ve finally (after 2 kids) have mastered nursing lying down. SO MUCH EASIER. I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner.

baby girl 11 Months Old


Grady and Haley have actually started to “play” together. They wrestle, chase each other around, and they’ll play contently side by side (each doing their own thing). She gravitates to his toys (cars, trucks, trains) and really has no interest in any of the more “baby” items. She’s quite happy to push his trucks on the floor. Plus, he’s gotten so much better at sharing. He’ll even tell me when he is.

What was your baby doing when they were 11 months old?

P.S. Onesie stickers c/o Buddha Bellies

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  1. My Hailee just turned 8 months 3 days ago. She just started to pull herself up on the couch and her only way of getting back down is to fall. At 8 months my now 2 year old daughter was off and running. Amazing how 2 kids from the same parent can be SO different!
    I hope your doctor can get you some straight answers!
    Your Haley is adorable!!

  2. Excellent! That was superior :)

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