10 Months Old [Haley]

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Haley is 10 months old! Eek! I better start getting ready for her first birthday! :)

10 months old baby girl


At 10 months old, Haley is now a champion crawler and cruiser. She’s so fast – even outside on the pavement! She just takes off down the sidewalk after her brother. She’s still cruising along on the furniture and moving between things that are close together, but hasn’t taken any steps on her own just yet. She’s been standing a lot and balancing on her own and even getting up into a standing position from sitting on the floor! I think her first steps aren’t too far behind!

She talks A LOT! Very vocal. Lots of screaming and random noises. And she says dada a lot. I’m not sure if there’s a connection or if I can consider that her first word, but I like to think so. Dada was Grady’s first word, too! :)

10 months old baby girl


Breastfeeding is still going strong! She’s cut back a little bit during the day because she’s eating more solids, but definitely makes up for it at night. She’s eating what we eat now, just cut up in smaller pieces for the most part. Her recent favorites are eggs, toast, asparagus, and yellow peppers. She’s a much more adventurous eater than Grady and often eats more than him at meal times.

10 months old baby girl


We’ve been having some pretty rough nights lately. She normally wakes up on average 3 times during the night to nurse, but we’ve had quite a few nights where she was up 5+ times. I’m pretty sure it’s just teething – we’re working on tooth #6!

brother and sister photo - 10 months old baby girl and toddler boy


They are so cute together and it makes me smile when they “play” together. We still have lots of tantrums from Grady when she touches some of his toys, but he’s getting so much better. I can’t wait to see their relationship grow!

What was your baby doing when they were 10 months old? Any early walkers?

P.S. Onesie stickers c/o Buddha Bellies // Dress, bow-tie, and suspenders c/o Charlie and Mills (full review and giveaway coming up shortly) // Headband is from Lulu and ChaCha.

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  1. So cute!!! Some great shots captured :) They really do grow up too fast, don’t they?

  2. What a beauty! My daughter was also standing, but she’s still not walking (at 13 months). She gets around so efficiently with crawling that she’s just got no interest in walking at all.

  3. She is so adorable! I had 3 early walkers and they were all girls. Boys are slower I think.

  4. She is just beautiful! I need to do my 10 month old post too – I’m late. My little guy is just cutting his top two front teeth and it’s miserable! I’m so thankful I’m able to stay home with him and not have to be up all night, then go to work the next day.

  5. Your kiddos are so cute! It’s hard for me to even remember what mine were doing at this age. That’s why I’m glad I blogged about it all like you did. So fun to look back at!

  6. I wish I had written more about my girls. I can’t remember ANYTHING they did or when they did it!
    6 teeth?! Moreaya’s 5th just broke through at 16 months!
    Sophia walked a couple of days before she turned 11 months, so TECHNICALLY 10 months and Moreaya walked at 13 months!

    • Grady was walking at 10 months, too! I think he took his first steps in his 9th month, but didn’t really start WALKING until 10. She seems so ready to take a step and then just comes down to crawl. :)

  7. So beautiful! Ten months already!?! Time just flies!

  8. 10 months was such a fun stage for both of my little guys. My youngest was walking already so that made him even busier. My oldest bear crawled and boy could he move fast, faster than walking.

    I miss the 6-18 months stage so I encourage you to enjoy which you seem to be. Love your pictures!

  9. I LOVE their matching outfits, too cute. Happy 10 months Haley! She’s adorable.

  10. So precious – missing those awesome days

  11. She is so adorable!

  12. She is gorgeous, and those are great pictures!

  13. carissa joslyn says:

    So cute! my son just turned 10 months on the 12th.
    He got his last tooth in March, which makes 8-hasn’t had any since.
    He’s not breast feeding anymore-but he’s always woke up about every 3 hours. which isn’t fun because i have a one bedroom apartment, with two kids that are very light sleepers, like myself!

  14. My son started walking the day after his first birthday. He was wobbling around before that – but serious steps were taken on day #366!

  15. My baby started walking at 8 months (like my brother did). He is now 14 months. The first year goes so fast!! He is very adventurous and likes to eat everything lol.

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