Baby Food Pouches OR Jars – Which do you prefer? [Earth’s Best Blogger + #Giveaway]

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***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.***

Do you use baby food pouches or jars? Or both? We’re mainly a pouch family, but a few jars have made there way in our house here and there. Both are great for different reasons – the glass jars are economical and eco-friendly and the pouches travel well and provide your little one with feeding independence.

Best Baby Food Pouches vs Jars

Since we’ve focused on baby-led weaning with both of our kiddos (for the most part), I don’t really use many baby food pouches or jars. Neither Grady nor Haley has liked being fed from a spoon much. They’ve both preferred to do it themselves. It’s messy – but fun for them! I start out by preloading the spoon and then handing it over. Later, when they’re learning to scoop with the spoon on their own, I’ll just hand it all over. When I do purchase jar foods – it’s always Earth’s Best. And that’s not because I’m an Earth’s Best Blogger. I choose their foods long before I started blogging. I like that they come in glass jars because we can reuse them throughout the house.

Even though we’ve done baby-led weaning (starting on table foods), I do buy my fair share of pouches. Mainly because they travel so well. I can just throw one in the diaper bag and not have to worry about anything spilling or breaking. The pouches have also come in super handy when we’re running low on fresh fruits and veggies or when I’ve made something for dinner that’s not baby appropriate to share. And on top of all those reasons – the best by far – is that it’s still a way for me to get some veggies in my toddler. Even when he’s being picky, he’ll still eat a pouch. They’re definitely not cheap, but a few a week is worth it to me for the convenience factor.

How do you feed your baby? What’s important to you? Economical Jars or travel-friendly pouches? Share your experiences in the comments.


2 Winners will each receive 3 baby food pouches and 3 jars from Earth’s Best to help you decide which style you prefer. Just leave a relevant comment on this post telling me your experience with baby food pouches and jars! For extra entries you can also follow According to Jenny on different social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Email/RSS, Bloglovin’, etc.) Leave a separate comment for each thing that you choose to do as well as any usernames. You can find my complete giveaway rules here. Good luck!

US/CAN, 18+, Ends 5/12/13

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.***

Winners: Kimberlie, Bianca

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  1. We use a mix of pouches and jars, it’s more about convenience as to which I choose. We use pouches when we’re traveling or eating out. We use jars at home and I do save them all to repurpose them!


  2. My baby is turing 5 months on Wednesday, so I have been feeding her for only a month. And just recently I have been mixing in foods with her oatmeal cereal. I admit, I have not used Earth’s Best or pouches yet, but I know I like jars since they can be reused for all sorts of things. Hopefully I don’t try to hoard them as my baby gets older and eats more. 😉

  3. Kimberly M says:

    You know, I’ve never used the jars! Always the pouches. I’m not even sure why. 😉 They’re pretty convenient…you can squeeze them right into their mouth…no spoon needed!

  4. I prefer the pouches because they’re much easier to travel with!

  5. Holly Marie says:

    We love pouches for on the go- and baby jars are a great way to get a good stash of organic baby food- plus I love re-using the jars around the house!

  6. I haven’t used either, we also do BLW, but I am curious about the pouches for ’emergency’ situations.

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  10. I love pouches! They are super easy to use and my son can feed himself!

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  13. I’m a FTM and LO isn’t here yet but I’d like to make a lot of our baby food using food items from our garden. The refillable pouches seem to be the way to go. I’d also purchase some of the glass jars and/or ready-made pouches just for the convenience.

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  15. We have done baby led weaning and now at a year old, she’ll eat just about anything! We have discovered recently that she loves to eat pouches on her own and they are much less messy than I expected!

  16. Darlene Owen says:

    My baby’s only ever used the jars and they worked great, the pouches look like they would be great.

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  21. Michelle J. says:

    We mainly do BLW as well, but my son comes with me to work twice a week so on those days, the pouches are so much easier than making something for him to bring (especially when I usually forget it in the fridge during the morning rush to get out of the house.) We usually keep a few jars in the house for nights when we are eating something we cannot share with him.

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  26. Don’t use jars but pouches were nice when traveling.

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  31. stephanie polen reed says:

    We use jars. DS is 8 months old and we just started solids. 😉 I’m sure that the pouches will come in handy.

  32. I love the pouches, but sometimes they can be messier for younger users.

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  39. Christina C says:

    With my second child, I have really grown to appreciate pouches more because my infant daughter could start self-feeding at a very young age by sucking on pouches!

  40. Christina C says:

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  42. Anne Perry says:

    I like the jars because they are in glass.

    The pouches are nice for older babies…

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  49. I really love the convenience of pouches! The jars seem to have better variety though.

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  51. Christel Elliott says:

    We used mostly jars with my son whenhe was of age, but I love pouches more. I’ll be using those more with our new little guy.

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  55. We are currently using a mix of pouches and jars. The pouches are especially convenient for when we are out and about – we use with a spoon or a spoon attachment and then toss when we are done. If we don’t have pouches, then we bring the jar home to recycle, so the pouch saves that step.

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  60. Catherine Ly says:

    I’ve only use jar baby food

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  64. I make most of my own baby food, but when we’re on the go I prefer the glass jars even though they don’t travel as well… just because i cant stand waste! The pouches seem pretty neat though! I’d be willing to try them.

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  67. Now that my son is older, pouches, because he can carry one around as a snack. But jars are cheaper, plus you can save the jars for other uses once you’re done!

  68. Stephanie S. says:

    My daughter is just over a year so we don’t do jars anymore, but when she was first learning to eat solids I prefered those to the pouches (easier to spoon out, cheaper, etc). Now we prefer pouches because they (usually) aren’t as messy when she feeds herself!

  69. Trisha W. says:

    Pouches are a very convenient food to have on the road. They are easy to use and require no spoons.

  70. Kimberlie says:

    I prefer pouches for on the go and jars at home. I’m making more of my own babyfood this time around and love filling refillable pouches with my homemeade goodness.

  71. Kimberlie says:

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  75. I thought jars were good for the early stages, but I love the pouches as an easy way to get vegies inside my picky girl! she thinks they are treats.

  76. We did a lot of blw but my son loves pouches. As for jars, we didn’t use them. Pouches don’t break on the go.

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  82. krystal rivera says:

    im following every way except instagram, and my first expierence is with my moms meet review party i threw for earths best, great brand and my kids loveee the pouches! even my neighbors kids! so this is a great giveaway!

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  83. Brandi Labonte says:

    Our son never really liked being fed but he also doesn’t like getting his hands dirty (so no touching food) and he doesn’t have more than the occasional interest in feeding himself with utensils. He did, however, take to using straws at 6 months old. The discovery of baby food in pouches was a godsend! They’re amazing to have on hand when we’re out and about too. The best part is, our son will eat anything from a pouch!

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  86. Vivian Sun says:

    So far my 6 month old does not like puréed baby food and does a little better with the soft cut up foods.. Hoping the pouches will be good because she likes to self feed.

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  90. Rhonda S. Tenderholt says:

    I have only had experience w/jars. They didn’t really have pouches when I had my sons.

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  93. Sara Floyd says:

    My baby is just turning 4 months, so we haven’t tried food yet. I have heard good things about both, but I think I will like the convienance of the pouch!

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  99. coley r says:

    we LOVE the pouches when traveling.. my lo knows when we get on the airplane she gets to have one and just squeals with joy!

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  103. Lily Ivey says:

    We use Earth’s Best food pouches as on the go snacks for both our girls. I like that they are convenient and nutritious.

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  107. We prefer pouches – less messy.

  108. Jenn McClearn says:

    we do a mix, jars for at home and pouches for in the car. We try not to do pouches at home as often because they are more expensive and not as enviro friendley.

  109. Raquel Beaty says:

    I love baby food pouches! Less mess, plus they give the baby more control over what is going in their mouth.

  110. I prefer the jars right now because my little guy can’t seem to figure out what to do with the pouches :) He ends up squirting them everywhere but his mouth.

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  114. It’s a toss up. I love the portability of the food in a pouch, but I like the reusability of food in the jar.

  115. I’ve used both the jars and pouches. We prefer the pouches since we have a pouch pop so she can eat right out of the pouch safely plus she only likes to feed herself. But I like the jars since they are easy to put in our warmer to heat up and they last longer.

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  120. I never really did ‘baby’ food with my little guy, but we were traveling recently and I picked up some Earth’s Best Greek Yogurt pouches — he can’t get enough of them!

  121. I love using pouches. They’re quick for a snack and GREAT on the go!

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  124. I like pouches.. less messy. We’ve even switched over to the reusable pouches so I can make my own combinations and be more Earth friendly!

  125. I prefer the jars to anything plastic – but I also used them because I made my own baby food and it seemed easier to store in.

  126. Melissa H. says:

    I haven’t tried the pouches! They look convenient.

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  131. When we did use baby food, we mostly used jars. My kids never seemed to like the foods that were in the pouches (not sure why).

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