The Best Cloth Diaper

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Do you have a favorite cloth diaper? I do. I’ve been cloth diapering for almost 3 years and I’ve finally decided on what I think is the best cloth diaper. It’s a fairly recent one to my stash, too. I debate with myself all the time about whether I should sell my stash and start over with this one. But then I chicken out of selling…..and just buy more. Lol. I never imagined 5 years ago I’d be consumed by diapers, but it seriously takes up a large portion of my day. #SAHMProblems.

I bet you’re just dying to know what I think the best cloth diaper is?!?!

The bumGenius Freetime, of course! Here’s why it’s the best cloth diaper:

bumgenius freetime - the best cloth diaper front and back


It’s an All-in-One (AIO). Just one piece. No stuffing required. No inserts to keep track of. I’m busy (and a little lazy when it comes to laundry), so I love that I can just grab and go with these. I actually used to enjoy stuffing diapers when I had 1 kid. Now that I’ve got 2 – and both are in diapers – I just despise stuffing. I dread it. I let them sit in the basket until I’m forced to rummage around in it to find a diaper and it’s inserts. Not fun. The bumGenius Freetimes are ALWAYS the first to be used. Always.


It just doesn’t get much better. The PUL is nice and thick, the snaps are durable, and the aplix doesn’t pill. The semi – attached microfiber inserts are plush and topped with super soft suede cloth. They’re made from the same materials as the bumGenius 4.0’s (which I have plenty) and they continue to look good despite constant use.


I love a diaper that I can use on both kids without having to take forever to change the size. The snap down rise is a cinch to change so I don’t have to have separate diapers for each kid – which really helps keep the bulk down in the diaper bag. It’s not only adjustable in size, but in absorbency, too. The semi-attached inserts can be arranged and folded different ways to create more absorbency in the front of the diaper (for boys) or the middle (for girls).

bumgenius freetime snap sizes - the best cloth diaper

Drying Time

I love AIO’s. I hate how long they take to dry. Not the bumGenius Freetime! It dries super quick. Since the inserts are semi-attached, they dry so much faster than inserts that are sewn completely into the diaper. Air dry or 1 cycle through the dryer and they’re good to go!

bumgenius freetime inserts - the best cloth diaper

Nighttime Use

I use this diaper round the clock. I don’t do that with any other diaper. I normally have daytime diapers and nighttime diapers, but the bumGenius Freetime works great for both. For nighttime use I simply add a microfiber insert under the 2 flaps. So essentially it’s like having 3 inserts in 1 diaper – but without the bulk. Never a leak. Ever. We have leaks with some of our overnight fitted diapers, but not the bumGenius Freetime. I was shocked when I did it the first time. Now it’s my go-to nighttime solution.

bumGenius Freetime Review - The Best Cloth Diaper

Have I convinced you to get a bumGenius Freetime yet? I think I just convinced myself to get more. I already have 9! I guess I should still think about selling my other diapers! :)

The bumGenius Freetime is definitely the best cloth diaper! What do YOU think?

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Disclosure Image - The best cloth diaper

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  1. Totally agree! I have LOTS of diapers and lately have only been reaching for my Freetimes. I LOVE them! I use a 1/4 cup bleach once a month and they are working out amazingly well.

  2. Have you ever had a diaper that you sold to fund other diapers, and then you were kicking yourself because “Wow, those would have come in handy now…”

    Yeah, that’s how I feel about the Freetimes. I had six of them, then jumped on the hybrid fitted bandwagon, and needed Paypal STAT! I knew they would sell super quick, and they were practically new.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid…lol

  3. I love that they are adjustable!

  4. katrina chandler says:

    Not at all! I had to completely re-stash my bumgenius diapers twice in less than 2 years because they de laminated! I followed the care instructions religiously! I contacted their customer service and was informed that one year is a realistic life expectancy of their diapers! I had a huge rotation, and only part time cloth diapered at the time! I was very disappointed! Now I own juicy ann all in ones, and they are my favorite ever, even though they just came out this year! They are super soft, very trim, and have a pocket to add absorbancy at night! Plus, they are very affordable! :)

    • Oh, no! Maybe you got a bad batch? I’ve never had a bumGenius delaminate. A few Fuzzibunz, but never any of my bG’s. I’m glad you found something else you like though!

  5. I’ve used other BG AIOs and I liked them while my daughter was under 1. After that she just wet too heavily for most of our AIOs. I like BG pocket diapers though!

    • Darcy – the great thing about the Freetime is that it is so much more absorbent than their old AIO. I use it for nighttime on both kiddos with just an extra insert under the 2 flaps. You should give it a try!

  6. The freetime is not my favorite cloth diaper, but it’s my favorite AIO. I like how the inserts are not completely sewn in, which helps reduce drying time.

  7. I haven’t tried the Freetime yet. It’s one of the few mainstream diapers that I haven’t! I didn’t like the Elemental and the 4.0 is okay but not my favorite so I haven’t been super eager to try the Freetime but it seems that a lot of people love them. Maybe I should pull the trigger.

  8. I think it looks amazing! We have a few BG 4.0’s and they are great for night!

  9. I used to like stuffing diapers, too – but ever since my son was born, you’re right! I just leave them in the basket until I have to use one!

  10. Would love to try it – if we have any more overnight leaks I may be able to justify it!

  11. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about purchasing the Freetime because my husband wants something “simple stupid” and these seem to be the only ones that he can see himself using in the future. I love your review!

  12. Thanks for the great info! I’ll definitely share this with my friends who CD!

  13. I have never tried the freetime but I love my BG newborn so I will have to try this when he outgrows those.

  14. I’ll admit that I’ve been reluctant to try AIOs because of the care required and longer drying time. After CDing for 8 months, I’m now starting to branch out from my prefolds – maybe it’s time I give the Freetime a try…

  15. I love my BG dipes too, but two are out of my rotation right now because the velcro doesn’t work anymore. :(

  16. I recently got one and LOVE it! I think that I will be purchasing some more in the near future!

  17. I love the quality of the Bumgenius diapers but I haven’t tried any of them yet! Just purchased my first bum genius newborn aio and looking forward to giving it a try!

  18. I stopped cloth diapering about a year and a half ago.. not enough time to do it. I loved it though and my favorite cloth diaper was fuzzibunz. This is new though so I can’t wait to have another LO so I can try more.

  19. I never got a chance to try that diaper with my son, but my favorite was bumGenius 4.0 followed by Flips and Go Greens.

  20. Shannon Reed says:

    I LOVE love love the bum genius diapers– the inserts make them totally easy to use. Great post =)

  21. I’d love to try them. My Elementals are awesome for night, but take FOREVER to dry. A quick drying AIO would be a lifesaver.

  22. Vicki Hall says:

    I don’t own any AIOs I love my softbums though and my bumgenius 4.0s I also like flips. I’d like to try a freetime

  23. I have to admit, I bought one freetime on the advice of a friend and hate it. It leaks terribly, the fit is bad and it is always the last to be used. Now that I e read your post I’m thinking that with #2 still in diapers I might better go ahead and teach #1 how to stuff diapers before #3 comes along!

    • Different diapers fit different babies differently, so I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you! Too bad though – I’ve got a giveaway going for 6 of them that started today! Still my favorite by far and especially because they require no stuffing! :)

  24. You convinced me :) I have 1 bumGenius Freetime in our stash anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl (due December 23rd) now I will be adding more to our stash!!

  25. My lo is 1 1/2 month now and I recently bought 3 bg freetime. Waiting for them to arrive so i can try them. Will just have to wait for lo to outgrow her nb dipes. I love bg, i have elementals, flip and econobum. But no pockets as i hate stuffing as well.

    • Let me know how you like them. They’re still my favorite by far and I’ve added many more to my stash since this post. :)

  26. I’ve got 20 BG-freetime diapers and love them!! Great day and night (with newborn prefold/microfiber under flaps)! Keeps runny BF poops in!

  27. Just got BG Freetime today and I can’t wait to use them. You mentioned that you put them in the dryer. I’m impatient with line dry but don’t want to ruin them. What advice can you give? My first time CD

    • It’s totally okay to put them in the dryer. Some people will say that the dryer can cause the elastic to wear out quicker, but I find the elastic wears out just the same hanging to dry since the weight of the diaper pulls on the elastic while it’s hanging. I tend to hang dry more when it’s nice outside, but machine dry more in the winter months. Hope that helps!


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