Sunshine and Sledding [Week in Review]

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Hello friends! How has your week been? As usual, it was a weird weather week here in PA. We started off with lots of sun and then it got COLD and we now have 3 inches of snow on the ground. Again. Where’s spring?!

Week in Review Image - Sunshine and Sledding

Daily Life:

It was so nice here this past Sunday. We spent a lot of time outside, washed our cars, and got Grady a new bike. I can’t wait for the weather to stay warm so we can spend as much time outside as possible. Grady has a ton of energy and NEEDS to be outside. If not, he drives me crazy. Lol.

Sunshine and Sledding 3

Sunshine and sledding 2

Monday was the monthly Babywearing Group that I run. It’s super fun, but exhausting. Our group grows every month and I love seeing new moms and babies come out and learn how to use their carriers. I run around like crazy trying to help everyone. By the time we get back home, I’m ready for a nap!

The rest of the week was pretty low key. Grocery shopping and lunch at my Mom’s house. Grady loves going to visit his “Elmo.”

On saturday, we woke up to an unexpected snow! I had no clue it was supposed to snow again. I thought we were in the clear! We decided to make the most of it and go sledding. We pulled Haley along for the first time. She seemed to like it, but it was really cold so we didn’t stay out too long with her. Grady’s a huge fan of sledding though. He goes down big hills all by himself now. Oh, and he turned 33 months old yesterday. I can’t believe he’s going to be 3 soon!

Sunshine and Sledding 4

Sunshine and Sledding 1

On the Blog:

I’ve been hearing from some people that they’re having trouble getting my site to load. I’m so sorry. I’ve done everything I can, but there’s just nothing I or my host can do. Supposedly, it’s a problem with AT&T internet. Hopefully it’s resolved soon.

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Have a great St. Patricks Day! I’d love to hear about your week, so please share in the comments!

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  1. I feel like we keep getting teased with the weather. I get all excited to get out into the garden and then boom! snow. Here’s hoping this week turns it around.

  2. We’ve had VERY little snow this winter. Every time it snows, I think, “My daughter will finally get to play in the snow.” But, it melts so quickly.

  3. I’m in PA too! In the Philly area, we’ve gone the entire winter without a significant storm. I love snow, but am ready to welcome spring…

  4. More snow? Oh dear…not fun.Thankfully we stay way down in Texas and don’t see a snowflake any time during the year. My daughter sooooo wants to move to a place where it snows, can I send her over?

  5. we are in texas we have NO SNOW!! He looks so adorable be all cozy and fluffy

  6. Looks like so much fun! We have lots of snow here, too!

  7. We never get decent snow around here! If we’re not gonna get snow, I wish it would at least get warm and stay that way. :)

  8. We haven’t had enough snow to go sledding, but just enough to be annoying. Can’t wait for summer!

  9. How horrible is it that when I think of sledding I think of sore bums? That is all I really remember about sledding from when I was a kid…probably not enough snow and not enough padding :)

  10. This is a great idea for a post! I miss babywearing, I wore all 3 of my kids and even tease my 2 year old sometimes that I’m going to put her on my back again. :)

  11. Oh baby wearing. :( I am so envious – I miss it so much! Sometimes, I stick my 3-year old in our Kokopak and wear him around the neighborhood. It’s almost the same.

    I love this idea for a post – a recap is a great way to connect with readers who may have missed something!

  12. He is adorable! I bet sledding is totally fun! We don’t have snow here… but I’d love to take my kiddos to see it soon!

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