Potty Training and Easter Eggs [Week in Review]

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Hello friends! It’s the end of the weekend for me (although when you read this it will be Monday) and I’d love to share with you all how the past week went and some fun things we did! I hope your week was great…..and I would love to hear about it in the comments if you want to share!

Week in Review Image - Potty Training and Easter Eggs

Daily Life:

We had a relatively low key week around here. Lots of time spent inside because of the cold weather. We did manage to go grocery shopping (not my favorite thing to do with 2 kids) and we went to a friend’s house to hang out and practice our babywearing skills. Last week I talked about having trouble with the double hammock carry…..well, I’ve got it down now! And that’s my “I did it” pose below. Do you like? Haley’s also found herself her first little boyfriend. One of my friend’s sons loves to hug and kiss her. He just turned 1 so they’ll end up in the same grade. Isn’t that so funny!?

Double Hammock - Potty Training and Easter Eggs Post

On Friday we started potty training Grady. I wish I could say we’re done and he’s potty trained……but he’s not. Potty training sucks. No wonder I’ve put it off for so long. We’ve been stuck in the house since Friday and honestly, I’m thinking of giving up and putting him back in diapers. He’s been doing great with peeing in the potty, but #2 is not going so well. We had a few accidents which I know is normal. If I keep him naked then he holds it and doesn’t go, and then when I put big boy undies on him he goes. I don’t want him to hold it and I don’t like cleaning it out of underwear either. Ugh. Decisions. It was nice this weekend because Eric had off on Friday, which gave us a 3 day weekend, but Eric’s back to work tomorrow (Monday), so I’ll be doing it alone. Wish me luck!

While we were stuck inside potty training, we did some fun things for Easter! We got out all of our plastic Easter eggs and practiced hunting for them. Grady’s going to be great at our family Easter Egg hunt next weekend. He was even finding the ones that Eric hid really well! We dyed Easter eggs with Grady for the first time, too. He seemed to like it, but he kept making me nervous! He would just all of a sudden grab the cup of dye. I’m not sure how many times my heart stopped because I thought it was going to spill all over the place! Luckily, it all stayed in the cups!

Toddler Dyeing Easter Eggs 2 - Potty Training and Easter Eggs Post

Toddler Dyeing Easter Eggs 1 - Potty Training and Easter Eggs Post

How we kept Haley occupied during the process – Earth’s Best to the rescue!

Baby eating Earth's Best Pouch - Potty Training and Easter Eggs Post

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Next Week:

You’ll see posts from Earth’s Best, information on keeping your kids safe from medication poisoning, and much more! So come back and see!

How was your week? Any potty training tips?

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  1. I love this week in review, it gives me an easy place to read all your recent posts and giveaways. The eggs are so cute, I cant wait to do that with my kids this week!

  2. So cute! We’re attempting egg dying this weekend with our 18 month old! He’s wanting to drink out of cups by himself, so we’re going to try the Kool-Aid dye method just in case he gets crazy!

  3. We started potty-training *sigh*, no tips yet. It’s going to be a venture with my little man.

  4. Love the post title. my advice on potty training is wait until he seems interested. My daughter is headstrong so we couldn’t make her do it but once she was ready it was quick.

  5. I would love to start PT ashton he is 16 mths lol but this sounds kinda hard … I think its going to be a little longer then I thought!!! Your doing a great job keep it up..

  6. Good luck with toilet learning! I hear boys are harder than girls. I guess I’ll get my chance to find that out soon enough with my boy! No tips except to offer big huge rewards for going on the potty (something he wouldn’t get otherwise). I’ve helped teach a lot of kids, but of course never my own…yet!

  7. I remember potty training the Boy. It’s an experience alright and I think harder on Mom than child. We feel a lot of pressure, but they will get it when they’re ready. Going pee consistently is really good..poop seems to always be an issue.

  8. I love that first photo and you and your baby. Such an adorable sling. I love the color of it.

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