Baby’s First Swim and Elk Watching [Week in Review]

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How was your week, friends? Ours was pretty decent and ended with some warm(er) weather and a visit from Eric’s Mom and Dad. Would you like to hear more? Here’s some of our highlights:

Week in Review Image - Baby's First Swim and Elk Watching

Daily Life:

I met up with a friend on Monday and we practiced some more with our woven wraps. It’s so so nice to have someone to practice with. I’m now really comfortable doing the Front Cross Carry (FCC), Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC), Rucksack Tied in Front (RTIF), Rucksack Tied Tibetan (RTT), Reinforced Rucksack (RR), and the Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC). I’m now working on the Double Hammock. I’m just having trouble getting the second pass high enough. Anyone know any tricks?

I finally visited Trader Joe’s this week. We had one open in our town a few months back and I just now got there! I’ve been to one before. We like to go to this one in NJ when we visit Eric’s family since it sells wine – you know, the $2 buck chuck. Although it’s not $2 anymore. 😉 Anyways, I picked up some fun goodies – banana chips, sorbet, hummus, some fresh fruit. Yum!

We’ve had some crazy weather this past week. From snow to hail to sunshine! PA weather is just crazy.

Hail - Baby's First Swim and Elk Watching Post

Haley and Grady’s Nanny and Poppy came to visit. Grady, of course, was especially excited. He talked all week about them coming, pretended to call them on the phone, etc. They had lots of fun playing together while they were here. We went to our favorite Thai restaurant and I got my favorite meal of all time – Lemongrass Chicken. Amazing! I get it every time we go there.

Cozy Thai - Baby's First Swim and Elk Watching Post

Haley and Grady went swimming at the hotel. Grady’s very scared of the water and it took lots of coaxing for him to get in. Even when he did, he wouldn’t let go of whoever was holding him. Haley, on the other hand, is a fish. She just LOVED it. Splashing, laughing, kicking her legs. She was just having a ball!

Baby's First Swim and Elk Watching Post

We also took a short trip while they were here. We drove an hour or so from us to see some elk. There’s lots of elk in PA and one spot in particular (Benezette) is known as Elk Country. There’s probably about 700 wild elk in the area that just roam freely. It’s really amazing to be that close to them. We were very lucky and got to see a whole heard  (and lots of their poop, lol). It was everywhere and looked like chocolate chips. Hahaha. Elk watching at it’s finest.

Baby's First Swim and Elk Watching Post  - Elk Statue

Baby's First Swim and Elk Watching Post  - Elk

Baby's First Swim and Elk Watching Post  - Elk

Baby's First Swim and Elk Watching Post - Elk Poop

We ended the weekend with a neighborhood stroll. It’ll be great to get back into our routine of after dinner walks once the weather gets warm and stays warm. I miss it dearly. I’m really just not meant for cold weather!

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Next Week:

I absolutely must share Haley’s 8 month update and pictures before it gets too late! I’ll also have a review/giveaway coming up on Monday for Pish Posh Baby and at the end of the week a super awesome cloth diaper one. Remember the sneak peek of “A Rainbow of Fluff?” It’s starting on Friday!

So how was your week? I’d love to hear your highlights in the comments!

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  1. Lol, the elk poop kinds of looks like chocolate chips :-p
    Looks like you had a fun week!

  2. I’m from PA too! And I am not made for winter weather either! I am trying to soak up all of the warm weather this weekend and hope it holds me for a few more weeks :)

  3. We don’t have elk here in Vermont as far as I know but we do have moose! They are very cool and HUGE!

  4. Looks like gorgeous countryside. I have only seen elk from a very far distance, or in a zoo.

  5. lol a pic of elk poop! My kids are the same with water. The Boy takes lots of coaxing and The Girl you have to hang out to, because she thinks she can swim.

  6. Oh my! A picture of Elk Poop just made this post! 😉
    Glad the kiddos enjoyed time with their grandparents and they look so much alike now!

  7. Michelle Feliciano says:

    love trader joes :)

  8. Now that is a busy week! I saw poop and stopped reading though lol

  9. joanna garcia says:

    omg how awesome to have the wilderness and snow and everything! i have to move up north!

  10. Such a fun week! I don’t think I’ve ever seen elk before.

  11. Looks like a fun week. I could definitely go for a nice walk to enjoy nature.

  12. i love the elk poop. and trader joes is awesome. wish we had one closer to us.

  13. I’m so excited, I’m waiting for our woven wrap to get here. I can’t wait to check it out. I love seeing Elk, I remember when we were out in Colorado a few years ago, we had one just a few feet away. It was amazing!!!!

    The most exciting part of our week was meeting the newest addition to our larger extended family. Now, my niece and nephew are staying at our house for spring break week so we are having lots of fun!

    • I’m so excited that you’re excited that you’re getting a wrap! I absolutely love mine! :)

      And congrats on your newest member!

  14. I know what you mean about being ready to get outside more. I am going crazy being stuck inside. I miss our evening walks too :(

  15. Daddy can’t wait to take our little guy to go see the elk!!!!

  16. how fun!!! i really want to get myself a wrap i just don’t have a store or a friend that can teach me also i would love to see the fabric before buying it.. so but, super excited for you.

  17. It took you that long to get to Trader Joes?! :)

    It’s my second favorite grocery store. My daughter requests to go there at least once a week to pick up “purple” juice boxes.

    • I know! I kept meaning to go but something else would always come up and I’d resort to going to Wegman’s to get everything in 1 trip.

  18. Elk poop! Hilarious! I love TJ’s too… it’s where I do most of our weekly shopping! So many yummy products!

  19. i think it is kinda cute when little ones freak out over the water and scream and kick and throw a fit… then they get inside of it and won’t ever leave! you’d think the water became a solid form that suddenly glued them to it. heh.

    also, seeing all the elk is really amazing. i’ve never seen that before!

  20. It sounds like you had a wonderful week. The elk watching would have been the highlight of the week for our family. The elk “chips” lol.

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