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Grady has always been a pretty picky eater – especially when it comes to veggies. He’s getting better though. Carrots and broccoli are his favorites and he’ll even have several servings. Any other vegetable – not so much! Luckily, there’s new Earth’s Best Veggie Purees and I can sneak in a few more veggies in his diet. He doesn’t care that it’s technically baby food. He just likes things in a pouch. Haley likes them, too!

This month, Earth’s Best introduced new Organic Veggie Purees! These tasty purees offer a healthy meal for your baby, rich in Vitamin A, E, C and Zinc. The new Veggie Purees are available in four delicious flavors including Sweet Potato & Beets, Carrots & Broccoli, Pumpkin & Spinach and Squash & Sweet Peas.

We got to try out the Sweet Potato & Beets and the Carrots & Broccoli. Both kids enjoyed them and Haley REALLY liked the Carrots & Broccoli flavor.

These purees are the first all-vegetable offering from Earth’s Best! Easy to store and even easier to carry, this little pouch offers a big, flavorful punch of healthy nutrients and minerals to help your baby grow. The new Veggie Purees can be served as a wholesome meals for babies 6 months or older and as a snack for toddlers. Even more exciting, Earth’s Best Organic Veggie Purees come in non-BPA packaging.

Do you have a picky eater like me? You can watch this video from Earth’s Best and check out these tips below:

 Parents who eat more fruits and vegetables often have kids who a) are less picky and b) consume more fruits and vegetables.

 Don’t pressure kids to eat. Studies show that parents who pressure their kids to eat actually get kids with higher levels of pickiness and kids who eat significantly fewer servings of fruits and vegetables.

You can find even more tips here.

What’s your baby or toddler’s favorite veggie? Grady and Haley both really like broccoli! I can’t wait to try more of the Earth’s Best Veggie Purees. Maybe they’ll find a new favorite!

WIN IT: One lucky According to Jenny reader is going to win a sampling of the NEW Earth’s Best Veggie Purees!

Earth's Best Veggie Purees Giveaway

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***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.***

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  1. Peas and now sometimes broccoli are my daughters faves!

  2. Peas and now sometimes broccoli are my daughters faves!

  3. Peas and now sometimes broccoli are my daughters faves!

  4. My son loves green beans (although if you ask him his favorite vegetable he answers “cake”)


  5. Samantha Williams says:

    Carrots seem to be the only veggies my kids get excited about, but they are starting to like cucumbers, lettuce & tomatoes so I hope the trend continues.

  6. Danielle Mitchell says:

    My baby loves cooked carrots. I have yet to find a vegetable that she does not like!

  7. He likes sweet potato and green beans. He is a not a fan of peas.

  8. My baby loves sweet potatoes!

  9. Nicole Biddle says:

    He love peas. Hated avocado!

  10. A loves pumpkin and hates broccoli!

  11. love peas

  12. My son loves peas, green beans and sweet potato.

  13. Ashley Parks says:

    My daughter loves broccoli, green beans, and carrots!

  14. Catherine Ly says:

    sweet potato

  15. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    My niece loves the banana bay food.

  16. my son’s favorite is broccoli.

  17. My grandson loves sweet potatoes!

  18. carrots and cucumbers

  19. she loves avocado

  20. Darlene Owen says:

    Favorite is carrots

  21. Favorite are sweet potato and carrots. Least favorite is peas.

  22. He likes all veggies equally I think. He makes a face when he first eats beets though :)

  23. Colleen Maurina says:

    His favorite vegetable is broccoli.

  24. So far, my baby likes sweet potatoes, and does not like peas. It is a work in progress.

  25. My LO isn’t too crazy about vegetables, but amazingly she does like spinach and broccoli!

  26. My daughter likes every vegetable but potatoes – those always get thrown off for the dog!

  27. She doesn’t have a favorite actually. She seems to like everything.

  28. My son’s favorite veggie is White Corn.

  29. My daughter loves pumpkin but does not care for butternut squash.

  30. carrots :)
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  31. Right now, she is loving green beans, peas, carrots and corn!

  32. My LO seems to love all veggies so far, especially when combined with chunks of soft tofu! Peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots are two of her favourites, although she also enjoys green beans, broccoli, squash, corn, wax beans (but not quite as much), zucchini, edamame (although not a veggie per se, it looks like one!), potatoes, and more!

  33. Jessica V says:

    Tomatos, Peas, Beans, broccoli

  34. Hannah Avery says:

    He likes corn, green beans, and peas pretty well. Sometimes carrots too. It all depends on the day.

  35. My almost 3 year old son seems to have a severe texture aversion and one of the few things he will eat is corn!! My 14 month old son on the other hand will eat almost anything!

  36. Peas and kale! Oh, and brocolli (which he calls Trees!)

  37. Love Earth’s Best!

  38. Clicked post too soon :)
    She loves Earth’s Best peas!

  39. My LO isnt a big fan of carrots

  40. sandra mitchell says:

    carrots are unacceptable to my grandaughter

  41. Hannah Ezinga says:

    She likes peas!

  42. Cynthia C says:

    My niece isn’t quite ready for solid foods yet, but my kids always liked carrots.

  43. My baby likes carrots but doesn’t like broccoli.

  44. Debbie Petch says:

    She love spinach but does not like carrots!

  45. Dayna Wilson says:

    My son isn’t very picky, but he particularly love sweet potatoes!

  46. Geri Fink says:

    Love tomatoes and cucumbers. Dislikes other veggies that aren’t cooked well.

  47. He loves sweet potatoes and carrots and HATES green beans

  48. She loves peas, weirdly.

  49. sweet potatoes and carrots are faves and shelled peas are his least favorite but he likes snow peas

  50. My little squirrel enjoys peas/carrots combo and squash. he also enjoys pumpkin, which is not a vegetable, but it is such a wonderful first food. :)

  51. My daughter loves Spinach

  52. Margaret Whelton says:

    sweet potato

  53. Ashley Melin says:

    My baby isn’t here yet! but my stepdaughter hates all vegetables :(

  54. Diane Cooper says:

    My granddaughter loves sweet potatoes!

  55. My son loves peas and broccoli, and my daughter loves sweet potatoes!

  56. Catherine Ly says:


  57. Michelle Feliciano says:

    my baby loves sweet peas.

  58. Sweet potatoes are a favorite here

  59. Becky Worthman says:

    we haven’t really started food yet, but she’s 6.5 months, so we’re ready. we’ve given her tastes of food, and so far she only really liked pickles (juice). LOL

  60. apple saouce

  61. Caitlin Chapman says:

    My toddler loves veggies! Carrots, broccoli and peas are his most favorites.

  62. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    Mu Son Really Enjoys Squash.

  63. Jennifer Marie says:

    fav veggie = green beans.

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