How and Why I Started to Cloth Diaper [+ Fluffy Fridays Update]

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Fluffy Fridays - How and Why I Started to Cloth Diaper

It’s Monday and not Friday, but I have a cloth diaper post for you and a little update on some changes to Fluffy Fridays. Lindsey has decided to bow down as my Fluffy Fridays co-host (we’ll still be doing Blogging Mama’s Network stuff together), but I’ll still keep it going for you – hopefully on Fridays and not Mondays! Luckily, another blogger friend, Julie – from My Cloth Diaper Stash, has started a new weekly Cloth Diaper 101 Blog Hop that posts on Fridays. How convenient for me! So I’ll get the benefit of some new topics to write about and you’ll get to hop along to some other cool blogs to learn even more! Plus, I’ve got some giveaways lined up for you, too!

Cloth Diaper 101 Blog Hop - How and Why I Started to Cloth Diaper

This weeks topic is about How and Why I Started to Cloth Diaper. I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about that here, so I guess it’s a great topic to start out with!

When I was pregnant with Grady, I obsessively listened to the Pregtastic Podcast. It’s all about pregnancy and mom stuff. I loved it and learned so much and it was really where I first learned about modern cloth diapers. Up until that point, I really hadn’t given diapers much thought. I guess I just assumed I would use disposables. What else was there really? Gerber prefolds and plastic pants? No thank you. There was an episode about cloth diapers and the maker/owner of Happy Heinys was on. I was intrigued and immediately began searching online. And that’s how it started. I couldn’t pass up the cuteness factor, but it was more about keeping harmful chemicals off my precious baby. I researched and researched and ended up buying 12 OS Fuzzibunz (which I still have and use 2 1/2 years later). I already had some newborn disposables from my baby shower, so I planned to use them up and then start in on the cloth. After Grady was born, we had a lot of issues with breastfeeding and tongue tie and waited to start cloth diapering until after that was all sorted out and I felt like I had a handle on the feeding stuff. He had a frenulectomy and then at 2 months I switched him over to cloth diapers exclusively. Now, I’m on my second child and still use them – I’ve added a ton of diapers to my stash, used them on a newborn, took them camping and on vacation, hand-washed them, and have had some struggles along the way, too. I think we all struggle a little with our wash routine, lol!

Baby in Fuzzibunz Cloth Diaper - How and why I started to cloth diaper

So that’s how and why I started to cloth diaper! I’d love to hear your story – how and why did you start cloth diapering? If you haven’t yet, why do you want to?

If you want to hear more stories – just click around on the linky below! Next week’s topic: My Favorite Cloth Diaper(s) and Why!

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