Meet Earth’s Best’s Nutrition Expert!

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It’s nice to know that Earth’s Best has it’s own medical advisory board. They don’t just put out products willy nilly. Each one is developed with the nutritional guidelines of babies and toddlers in mind. I love that there’s some research and thought put into the products.

Kate Geagan is Earth’s Best’s award-winning registered dietitian! Kate is a nationally known nutrition expert and the author of the book, “Go Green Get Lean.” From 2008-2010, Kate served as the Nutrition Contributor for Pregnancy Magazine, and in 2011, after several appearances on the Dr. Oz Show, she joined as an expert health blogger!

Earth's Best's Nutrition Expert

Next month, Kate will choose a handful of questions from the Earth’s Best Preferred Bloggers to answer! I can’t wait for the Q&A! I’m curious to hear how they choose which combination of foods to offer in their baby food line and what they think of Baby-Led Weaning (skipping purees and offering table food).

Do you have any questions for Kate, Earth’s Best’s Nutrition Expert? Leave your questions in the comments and maybe it’ll be picked for the Q&A session!

Earth's Best Blogger Program - Earth's Best Nutrition Expert

I wrote this post as part of the Earth’s Best Blogger Program. I was provided product samples in exchange for my post and may be eligible for additional rewards. Regardless, all opinions expressed are 100% mine!
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  1. What are the best table foods for an 11 month old that refuses puréed foods?

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