7 Months Old [Haley]

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My little sweetie is now 7 months old! I just fall in love with her more and more everyday. I didn’t think it was possible to love anyone as much as I love Grady – but they both just fill my heart with so much joy. I feel truly blessed when I think about my family and all that I have. Ok, so enough gushing….here’s a little update on how she’s doing!

7 months old baby girl

Development: So so so close to crawling. She just hasn’t figured out how to coordinate her movements without falling on her face. She’s so determined that I’m sure she’s going to get it soon. She gets so upset when all she can do is move backwards! She’s sitting up perfectly now and is starting to go from sitting to the crawling position.

Eating: I’ve decided to do Baby-led Weaning with Haley. We started out doing that with Grady – but got freaked by some gagging in the beginning (although I now realize that it was totally normal) and I want to try it again. She doesn’t like to be spoon-fed AT ALL. She grabs the spoon from you and WILL NOT let go. She’s determined to do it herself. So I’ve been giving her the foods recommended in the Baby-Led Weaning book and she’s just loving it – whole banana, avocado wedges, apple/pear halves, cooked carrot sticks, steamed broccoli spears, etc. It’s MESSY, but she’s having so much fun. She’s still having a sensitivity to dairy, so none of that for either of us. She also had a reaction to peaches – which I thought was weird.

7 months old baby girl

Sleeping: Oh, I am just not blessed in this department. With either kid. Both of them have not been good sleepers. Grady’s much better now – and FINALLY falls asleep on his own at nap time. I just read him a book, give him a kiss and leave. He’s now staying in bed and falls asleep! We’ve been co-sleeping with Haley, like we did with Grady, but we’re at the point where she’s too mobile to leave her on our bed alone. When this happened with Grady, we moved our bed down to the floor. It turned out that it wasn’t very comfortable – so I’m not interested in doing that again. So we’ve been transitioning her to her crib this past week. She’s been sleeping in her crib for her 2 naps and for the first part of the night. At first, it was really tough. She did not want to be in her crib at all. There was a lot of rocking and back patting and nursing and many times where I just gave up and put her in a carrier for her naps because I just cannot stand to hear her cry. But after a week, she’s doing much better. We turned a corner when I covered her up with a blanket. Grady never slept in a crib so I wasn’t sure when it was ok to do that. We’re using an Aden+Anais Muslin Blanket, so it’s thin and breathable, you know – just in case. The first time I covered her up she slept an hour and 45 minutes. Now, when I lay her down, she just rolls over and goes to sleep! We’re still struggling with the length of her naps – most are only 20 minutes or so, but hopefully they’ll get longer! At night, she’s still up at least 3 times to nurse, but it’s not too bad and she goes right back to sleep.

7 months old baby girl

So that’s basically what’s been going on with us the past month! Well, other than cloth diapers and babywearing – those are everyday occurrences! I’d love to hear what’s going on with you all! Baby-led Weaning Tips? Sleep troubles? When did your baby start crawling?

What was your baby doing at 7 months old?

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    She is absolutely adorable..wow!

  2. She is SOOO cute! I just want pick her up and SQUEEZE her!
    I’m so glad they’re both starting to sleep better for you – I know how hard it is! I can’t wait to hear more about the BLW experience too!

  3. Oh my Jenny, she is just beautiful! My little guy is 7 months too. I found that giving him a blanket when he sleeps/naps makes a world of difference! We also use A+A muslin blankets too. I think he just likes being snuggly with it.

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