Tips for Teething Babies [Giveaway]

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Haley just turned 5 months this past Monday and she’s already teething! I keep checking her mouth for a little white line, but none yet. Grady had his first tooth during his 4th month, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be soon. She’s got most of the tell tale signs of teething:

 Red swollen gums or visible bumps on the gums

 Pulling of the ears

 Irritable or clingy behavior

 Coughing due to excessive saliva build-up

 Decreased appetite

I’ve been giving her extra things to chew on. She seems to prefer fabric though. Her bib, blankets, etc., and of course my fingers! I have some teething biscuits for her, but since she hasn’t started solids yet, I haven’t given her them. Earth’s Best has some more great tips for teething babies:

 Offer a hard snack: giving your baby a hard snack to gnaw on can be very soothing for their growing teeth. Earth’s Best Organic® Toddler Biscuits are made from organic wheat and organic barley. Perfectly sized for little hands to hold, they are a good source of calcium and have an appealing texture for baby’s changing mouth. Firm rubber teething rings are also good choices.

 Make sure to dry excessive drool: drooling during teething can lead to rashes around the mouth and neck. Use bibs, change your baby’s shirt often and dry drool as often as possible to prevent rashing.

 Rub your baby’s gums: rubbing a cool washcloth on your child’s gums can provide relief. Another great tool is teething gel. Earth’s Best Organic Teething Gel is an all-natural, non-medicated and non-habit forming formula that safely comforts your baby day and night during teething. Made with only natural calming ingredients such as peppermint oil, licorice, fennel, vanilla and chamomile it does not contain benzocaine or clove oil which can cause allergic reactions or choking in infants, nor does it contain sugar or lactose.

tips for teething babies earth's best toddler biscuits

What are your tips for teething babies? If you want to find out more about teething, be sure to visit Earth’s Best FAQ about teething!

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  1. I would actually “cool” my finger off with an ice cube and rub their gums for them. A cool teething ring was also very helpful.

  2. My baby girl loves the wooden rattles I got for her…she will grab those over other toys to chew on. And then of course, there’s her Sophie giraffe that is her absolutely favorite as well! I recommend that to any mother with a baby!

  3. Stephanie S. says:

    We make little popsicles for her using yogurt and fruit. She loves to rub them on her gums, plus its a way she can feed herself (she hates any food that I have to feed to her).

  4. I bought a set of water filled chewing rings and cooled them in the fridge, my boys loved them! :-)

  5. The tips you listed, plus, I think an amber necklace works, too. We had a bracelet for our oldest, and it’s hard to know whether it really helped much because she was not that fussy at all through teething. Our second, however, I think may be a different story. :)

  6. We used amber teething necklaces, and nursed, and nursed, and nursed! :)

  7. I give my grandson the teething chillers that you keep in the fridge and those seem to help him.

  8. give them a wet wash cloth to chew on
    tcogbill at live dot com

  9. Wet wash cloth and teething tablets

  10. Darlene Owen says:

    Put the teething rings int he freezer.

  11. Molly Bussler says:

    My baby is 6 months, and he gets the most comfort from the MAM toothbrush sticks.

  12. Amber necklace, hylands teething tabs

  13. lots of teething toys

  14. Our daughter loves frozen teething toys sometimes they are the only things that bring us peace

  15. Camilia, cold wash cloths, Sophie the giraffe, frozen fruits puts in a mesh thingy, nursing lots and lots of TLC! :)

  16. A cooled wash cloth to chew/suck on.

  17. Debbie Clauer says:

    Let them teethe on a slice of frozen cucumber.

  18. My Baby Girl loves cool damp washcloths, she chews on it until its completely dry!

  19. Ashley Parks says:

    We have used Sophie the giraffe as a teether, cold or hard food (teething biscuits, fruit, etc), and an amber necklace! :)

  20. Colleen Maurina says:

    Put a wet washcloth in the freezer for them to chew on.

  21. I use anything I can, washcloth, teething tablets, Sophie the Giraffe, teething rings that go in the fridge and I massage the gums (if he will let me without biting!).

  22. Don’t have tips…my 7.5 month old just got his first teeth. I read everyone else’s comments though and I like the suggestion of using a frozen slice of cucumber

  23. I used to give my son a cold wash cloth to chew on. He loved it!

  24. We use organic knitted teething toys.

  25. jamie davis says:

    we give lo frozen chunks of fruit wrapped in a washcloth.

  26. My son loves a mesh food feeder with frozen breastmilk.

  27. Vulli teethers and breastfeeding. When all else fails, the suction and milk combo helps.

  28. keep wiping the drool to avoid rashes

  29. My baby is just starting teething… and I need some good suggestions!

  30. My Baby Boy Loved a frozen wash cloth and frozen eggos

  31. Cool washcloths and Hyland’s teething tablets

  32. like the idea of chewing jewellery. this is my first babe, so we’ll see how we do! Thanks for the tips, ladies!

  33. cathy zera-stesney says:

    frozen washcloths. worked like a charm with my first 2.

  34. Valerie Godin says:

    My little guy loves chewing on a frozen washcloth. That and Camilia makes teething a lot easier on the both of us

  35. A cold cloth to chew on.

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