Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper from Irresistibly Green [Fluffy Friday & #FluffyXmas]

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Today’s Fluffy Friday is a double feature! First, I’m going to share an awesome cloth diaper store with you all – Irresistibly Green who sent me a Happy Heinys cloth diaper to try on Haley, and then later on today I’ll be back to share some of my favorite products from Thirsties! Both posts will show you what you can win tomorrow during the 3rd annual Merry Fluffy Christmas Event! Are you ready?…….

happy heinys merry fluffy christmas

Irresistibly Green (formerly Greenie Beanie Bottoms) is a cloth diaper store that carries a wide variety of cloth diapers and accessories. In addition, you’ll find other “green” items as well (breastfeeding, mama cloth, teething toys, etc.). Before I make a purchase from a cloth diaper store, I look for 3 things:

(1) Do they offer free or low cost shipping? Irresistibly Green DOES! All US orders over $20 ship free – and I always spend more than $20 when CD shopping.

(2) Are there coupon codes for free stuff? Yep! You can currently use code FALLDIPE to receive a free OS diaper with an order over $5o!

(3) Is there a large enough selection that I can make my purchase at just one store? Yes! I hate having to make purchases at multiple stores if I can do it all at one store! Makes things so much easier on me to just shop and check out once.

irresistibly Green happy heinys cloth diaperAnd as a bonus, Irresistibly Green even has a section dedicated to low cost diapers! The Bargain Bin is full of diaper selections you can get for under $15. It’s a great place to go if you’re on a budget!

Irresistibly Green sent me a Happy Heinys OS Pocket Diaper in Snaps (aplix also available) to try out on Haley. This diaper comes with 2 inserts that you stuff into the opening at the back of the diaper. It’s got 2 rows of snaps with 4 snaps on each side plus crossover snaps. You can adjust the size of the diaper by using the 3 rows of rise snaps to fit babies from 8 to 35 pounds. Happy Heinys has one of the largest collections of colors and prints to choose from with over 35 selections! It would make for a very colorful stash!

happy heinys cloth diaper

I started using the Happy Heinys OS Cloth Diaper on Haley when she was about 10 pounds or so. It probably would have fit her sooner – she’s got chunky legs – but I was still trying to get the most of all the newborn diapers I had bought. At 5 months and 15+ pounds she’s currently using the Happy Heinys on the small rise setting (1 row unsnapped). It fits her great around the legs (no gapping) but most diapers do. Remember – chunking legs. She’s still got a ton of room to grow into it, too. Grady’s about 27 pounds and wears a Happy Heinys on the medium rise setting (the last setting before it’s completely unsnapped). There’s no doubt it’ll fit them both till potty training.

Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper

We’ve had a few leaks here and there, but as always, it’s user error. I either forget to put both inserts in (and both kids need both) or  I leave it on too long. Usually just the edge of her onesie is damp – never a complete blow out.

happy heinys cloth diaper

I have both a Happy Heinys in snaps and one in aplix and I much prefer it in snaps. My aplix one is notorious for starting a diaper chain in the wash. Other than that though, it’s pretty good considering it’s still in rotation after almost 2 and a half years. It was one of the first diapers I bought and really the only wear and tear is the aplix is a little pilly!

Irresistibly Green Logo Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper

Have you tried a Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper? What’s your favorite feature? I love their cute prints!

BUY IT: You can purchase a Happy Heinys OS Pocket Diaper on the Irresistibly Green Website for $18.95 for solid colors or $19.95 for prints. It’s comparable in price to other OS Pocket Diapers on the market.

WIN IT: One lucky According to Jenny reader is going to win a $25 gift card to spend at Irresistibly Green! You can get a Happy Heinys with that or anything else your heart desires!

Come back starting tomorrow December 1st to enter to win during the Merry Fluffy Christmas Event!

Don’t forget to visit Lindsey over at So Easy Being Green for her Fluffy Friday post. She’s giving away a Little Comfort Cloth Diaper today!

Although I was sent complimentary items for review purposes, I was not paid or enticed to write an awesome review for this product!  All opinions expressed are 100% mine! Logo and product photos are curtesy of Irresistibly Green. This post contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase through the link you’ll be helping to support According to Jenny. Thanks!

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  1. Cute Prints are a must for cloth diapers! My babies are out of diapers, but I have learned so much since I cloth diapered that if I ever got pregnant again I would do so many things different and try out different diapers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for the in-depth review! It looks like an awesome cloth diaper :)

  3. I am not into cloth diapers but those are pretty cute I must say!

  4. Great review – love how you were honest about the leaks. This looks like a great diaper for our limited budget. And they are so cute too!

  5. Our Happy Heinys diaper is one of the few that I can use overnight for our super-soaker toddler!

  6. I’ve tried a happy Heineys but it’s been a while. I do love all the cute prints!

  7. I’ve never tried Happy Heiny’s, but they look very well made and they have such cute prints!

  8. Melissa Smith says:

    I have never tried happy heinys, but they look like a good option. I would like to try some different brands.

  9. The cute prints are the best. I love and adore my (now discontinued) Happy Heinys skull print diaper.

  10. We had tried them before, but could never get a good fit. They were always too big. I’d love to try them again!

  11. I want to try a HH :) I haven’t yet.

  12. I’ve never tried but would love to!

  13. love these!

  14. Hannah Avery says:

    No, I have never tried Happy Heiny’s. The print your daughter is wearing is adorable!

  15. I’ve never tried a HH diaper, but I love the colourful print in the photo! I’ll be sure to avoid the aplix..

  16. I’m glad you mentioned that your baby has chunky thighs; my baby also does and so several of the diapers I bought for my previous baby don’t work for my 5 month old :( I’m always looking for what other ‘chunky legged’ babies wear :)

  17. Elle Knitts says:

    I love their unique, modern patterns for the CD!

  18. thanks for all the info. Looks like something id want to try!

  19. I haven’t yet but love the owl print!

  20. Michelle J. says:

    Thank you for the info on Irresistably Green. I love that they offer free shipping over $20.

  21. I have never tried happy heinys but I love the unique prints that they offer.

  22. kim johnson says:

    We have tired happy heinys but they did not work the bestfor my son. His is super skinny and we had issues with leaks when he was younger (This was a problem with some other brands also). I did give them to a friend who has had no issues with them though.

  23. Thanks for a great review- these look like awesome diapers with tons of cute prints! I’ve never tried Happy Heinys before, but I really want to now!

  24. jamie davis says:

    I love the cross over snaps and that there are two rows of snaps. The prints are so bright and pretty.

  25. I have never tried happy heinys, but I love the prints, too!

  26. Kristi Balibrera says:

    Always wanted to try happy heinys but never have. Then closure looked a bit odd. Does anyone have leak issues?

  27. Julie Ghrist says:

    I love all the color/ print options they offer… seems like a great diaper :)

  28. nicole lewis says:

    i have not heard of happy heinys before, thanks for the information on them

  29. Thanks for the info – I’ve never tried HH’s but am cding my granddaughter 2x a week so this info is great. I’m still learning. lol. Also, since I’m only using cloth 2x a week I really don’t want to spend a ton – but want cute fabrics of course. lol. Thanks again!

  30. Ive heard of happy heinys but havent tried them. Good review on the product with pros and cons.

  31. Erin Zerby says:

    I would love to add these to our stash! I have read amazing thing about them and they are so stinking cute!! Thank you for all of your amazing giveaways and your always honest reviews!

  32. I have never tried a Happy Heinys…yet! They sound like a great diaper!

  33. Love the review and the honesty! I’ve always wanted to try cloth diapers and I’m really leaning towards it this go around.

  34. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I have never tried Happy Heiny’s diapers before but they are are my wishlist! I love them because they have such cute prints!!

  35. Bethany Beer says:

    Would love to try a Happy Heiney!

  36. I am just starting to look into cloth diapers (expecting first baby in Feb.) and am amazed at all of the options out there. This post was helpful!

  37. I’ve never used a happy heinys…yet. I love that irresistibly green offers such good shipping and coupon codes!

  38. Jennifer Johansen says:

    I’ve never tried these, but I want to!

  39. These look very nice, never tried this brand. I like the laundry tabs too!

  40. Kristi Cartwright says:

    Thanks for a great & informative review–I am new to cloth diapering and posts like this are helping me to come to a better understanding of all the in’s and out’s of CDing and what to look for in products. I like that these fit babies as small as 8 lbs and that they come with the option of ordering with snaps–I am pretty sure I prefer snaps to aplix.

  41. Love that you’re reviewing a diaper you’ve used for 2.5 years. It’s nice to know how they hold up over time.

  42. Erin McCabe says:

    The aplix ones don’t come with laundry tabs? Would prevent the chains and pilling

  43. Guinevere S says:

    I have been meaning to try out Happy Heinys! Love your review! :-)

  44. Valerie Godin says:

    I’ve never tried Happy Heiny’s, but they look very well made and I love the cute prints!

  45. I have never tried a happy heiny and I have to say that is absolutely adorable!! I was also wondering if it had a laundry tab for the aplix or if I was just overlooking that

    • It has laundry tabs!

      • Since you have trouble sticking, is it just from the using them overtime then and the velcro just not sticking to the tab as well?
        Thank you!!

        • My velcro HH is 2 1/2 years old and the velcro doesn’t stick to the laundry tabs too well now, although the diaper is still in great shape otherwise. The velcro does stick well to itself though. I kind of pull the velcro tabs around the back of the diaper and stick them together. Can you picture that? Works better than the laundry tabs ever did!

          • I would never thought of doing that at all! It is amazing how great it looks after that long. Definitely a great purchase!

  46. We have a Happy Heiney and I’ve found it to be nice for a pocket diaper. It is really easy to stuff.

  47. She is so adorable! Love the print of that diaper.
    We have one happy heiny’s in velcro and I love that diaper. It’s one of my favorites.

  48. Good to know that shipping is free over $20 and that you get a free so diap with a $50 purchase! Thanks for the info!

  49. You had me at “bargain bin”. lol:) Seems like they hold up really well!

  50. I like the ocean tie dye one. Very pretty! I have some happy heinys I bought off of Craig’s list but they are sized rather then OS. I’m with you, snaps over hook and loop, hands down!

  51. Ashley Kline says:

    Would love to win the Merry fluffy giveaway!

  52. I would love to try this diaper!

  53. I have not tried Happy Heineys! When I first started cloth diapering, I used pre-folds and covers. Later on I slowly added some pockets and AIO’s, but did not hear about Happy Heineys until child #2, who already inherited his brother’s stash.

  54. Michelle L says:

    I’m considering trying this brand. Thanks for the review!

  55. Thanks for the review. I have read a few on websites that sell them and have wanted to try one, but the two websites that I was going to before Irresistibly Green were always sold out. My son has chunky legs too and I am glad to hear that it has plenty of room for growth.

  56. wow these diapers look so comftorble would love to have one to try

  57. Melissa Mickel says:

    It is really nice to know that your diapers have last 2 1/2 years. I just started out and I’m always worried they are going to mess up or get ruined!

  58. these look great. i really want to start cloth diapers

  59. beautiful patterns and colours, thanks so much for shining a light on this company!

  60. A bargain bin is a brilliant idea! I’d love to try a Happy Heinys; I’ve heard they’re great for overnights and the insides look so soft!

  61. Britni Bradford says:

    I have their organic AIO, which is basically a hemp line pocket. With an insert, it is beyond bulletproof.

  62. I tried the mini Happy Heinys when my LO was a newborn b/c she was a preemie. We got leaks, but I was new to CD’ing so maybe it was user error. It was also aplix and I did not like it at all. I would love to try the OS in snaps now that she’s older and can probably get a good fit. I love their prints.

  63. I’m new to cloth diapering so I haven’t had a chance to try Happy Heineys so thank you for the review! It’s nice to know about the leaks with only one insert since my little man is a super heavy wetter so he’ll need both as well!

  64. Rebecca R. says:

    I do love the prints, but I too had leaks when I had one with snaps. the sides would always shift too much :(

  65. I would love to try the Happy Heinys. They look like a great diaper and come in so many cute prints.

  66. meegan whitford says:

    Thak you so much for the review! My sister just had her baby and is doing the cloth diapers I will have to send her this link she is always looking for good diapers!

  67. never tried but they are so pretty i want to!

  68. Those diapers look so easy to use. AIO are the best for my cloth diaper challenged relatives :)

  69. I agree with you- I love lots of cute prints and I also choose stores that have a good selection so I don’t have to pay shipping to multiple sites. It’s also good to know the diaper has lasted so well. I’ve heard of Happy Heinys for a long time so if they’re still around they must be doing something right. Thanks for the review.

  70. Charlotte R says:

    I had no idea that Irresistibly Green had a Bargain Bin! What a wonderful thing to know :-)

  71. I love the retro Happy Heinys print.

  72. I can’t wait to try cloth diapering for our second baby within the next year or two hopefully. We went disposables for our first little one, and this past year I have felt like a very wasteful individual. Thanks for sharing!


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