Catch Lightning Bugs with Earth’s Best and Recycle!

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Earth's Best Lightning Bug Jar

Eric’s been catching lightning bugs with Grady right before the sun goes down for the night. It’s such a fun childhood activity! I remember doing it when I was little, catching them in my hand, and putting them into jars, to make little portable lights. We have tons of empty Earth’s Best baby food jars so we decided that they would make great little holders for a couple lightning bugs for Grady!

All you need to do is put some holes in the lid with a nail and hammer. That’s it! Now you’re ready to go catch some lightning bugs with your kiddos! We let Grady catch a few and carry the jar around for awhile. After he goes to bed I set them free, except one time I forgot and we had a dead bug in the morning!

Do you call them lightning bugs like me? Or glow bugs? Fireflies? I wonder if it’s different depending on where you’re from? 

What do you do with your empty baby food jars? I still have a few to share so stay tuned!

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  1. Awesome idea and now I know what I’ll grab when Sophia wants to “keep” a few! 😉

    We call them lightening bugs here in east TN!

  2. Cute idea!

  3. thats so fun, i have yet to see a lightening bug here in idaho.


  1. […] their foods long before I started blogging. I like that they come in glass jars because we can reuse them throughout the […]

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