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I love using prefolds and flats on both Grady and Haley. While the majority of my stash is pocket diapers, I occasionally switch to using the “old-fashioned” diapers when I feel like a change. I love doing different “folds” with these diapers, but I’m not very good at using diaper pins, so I’m very happy that there’s a product on the market that makes using prefolds and flats super easy!

Logo for Snappi

Snappi Baby is the company that distributes the Snappi Diaper Fastener! It’s a pin-less diaper fastener that makes using cloth diapers that require a closure so easy. They’re made from a stretchable non-toxic material (polyester based polyurethane) and come in a wide variety of colors and 2 different sizes (a size 1 and a size 2 for toddlers).

The benefits of this fastener include: 

  • SAFER THAN PINS – no more pinpricks for baby or parent!!
  • RELIABLE – a snug fitting diaper to prevent those dreaded leaks
  • DURABLE – no snaps that can become brittle/rust, nor any velcro to catch all the lint in the wash!!  At least if your Snappi® fastener needs to be replaced, your expensive diaper is not wasted!!
  • ECONOMICAL – affordable fastener that works very well with the less expensive flat, prefold or contour cloth diapers
  • EASY to use – allows first time parents, grandparents and people with arthritic problems to cloth diaper with ease.   It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

We received a Snappi in size 1 to review. They are seriously so easy to use! You have to prep them a bit by pulling on each “leg” about 10 times to give it some stretch. Then after you have your diaper on your baby (prefolds, flats, contours, etc.) you just hook it to the left, then the right, and then down the middle. Basically, you’re turning the “T” into a “Y”. If that’s confusing, just take a look at the picture below:

How to use a snappi

Here’s a picture of a prefold on Haley secured with a Snappi:

Baby in Prefold Diaper with Snappi

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that the “teeth” on the Snappi are pretty sharp. You’ll either want to use the safety feature by hooking the loop over the “teeth” or you’ll want to keep your Snappi out of reach of your toddler when you’re not using it.

If you have prefolds or flats in your stash, you’ll definitely want to have a Snappi on hand! It makes using these types of diapers a cinch. It’s never failed to hold a diaper in place for me!

Do you use prefolds or flat diapers? What do you use to close them? Ever tried a Snappi?

BUY IT: You can purchase the Snappi Diaper Fastener, like the one I reviewed, from selected retailers for $3.95-$4.55 for a single pack depending on size. They also come in double packs. It’s a very affordable cloth diapering accessory!

Don’t forget to check out Snappi Baby on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on any sales and giveaways!

WIN IT: One lucky According to Jenny reader is going to win a Snappi Diaper Fastener Size 1 in neon yellow! It’s part of my Accessorize Your Stash Prize Pack! Come back starting August 24th to enter to win the entire package!

Although I was sent a complimentary item for review purposes, I was not paid or enticed to write an awesome review for this product!  All opinions expressed are 100% mine! Logo and product photos are curtesy of Snappi Baby.

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  1. Melissa H. says:

    I bought one of these just recently and can’t wait to start using it (going to start with prefolds + covers when our little one arrives at the end of the month)!

  2. I love Snappi! I have been using them for almost 4 years with my boys. They are extremely durable and easy to use…far easier than pinning a squirmy child!

  3. I tried to pin, once. Then I got a Snappi – there’s no way I could use pins.
    We use ours on our Sbish snapless fitted and it works great!

  4. I started cloth diapering way back when pre-folds or flats and rubber pants were the only option. I used pins as that was also the only option. I was given a snappi and I’ve tried it but I’m so used to pins that I find them easier then the snappi. In case you’re wondering, my oldest and youngest are 20 years apart so I’ve watched the cloth diaper world change dramatically during my child rearing years. :)

  5. Love our Snappis! We use almost exclusively prefolds at home, and I don’t even want to imagine what a pain it would be to have to pin/unpin them with every change.

  6. Can’t say I love Snappis after snagging my finger on one, but they did save the day when I completely ran out of covers and pockets. Snappi and a prefold can save the day! I will definitely keep a couple around :-).

  7. sarah lahmann says:

    I have never even tried these before but would love to!!!

  8. I have heard very good things about these. My local cloth diapering store gives them high praise as well. Maybe it’s time I try them out

  9. we LOVE using snappis with our prefolds!! they work great! and thanks for doing the giveaway :)

  10. excited to try!

  11. I loved using my snappi during the newborn stage! I agree that the teeth are pretty sharp. I’ve had a difficult time trying to figure out where to store it so that it doesn’t snag anything, even with the safety guards pull across the teeth.

  12. Never used Snappi but hope to try!

  13. I don’t have any Snappis but I need some!

  14. Julie Ghrist says:

    I would love to get some snappis and prefolds for baby #2 I plan to CD from birth this time :)

  15. These look incredible!

  16. I have a few diapers that I could use this with! In the two years that I have been cloth diapering, I haven’t used a snappi!lol

  17. I have never tried snappi’s but I am wanting to do more prefolds and covers with our new one coming soon. I have heard wonderful things and I appreciate your review. It makes them seem a lot less intimidating

  18. Thank you for the heads up about the sharp teeth… ouch! Would hate to grab it and get cut myself haha

  19. Bethany Beer says:

    Snappis look like a great way to close those prefolds!

  20. I’ve never used a Snappi but heard wonderful things about it.

  21. These are a must have for anyone using prefolds/flats. I couldn’t imagine trying to pin a squirmy baby while sleep deprived!

  22. :)

  23. Michelle F. says:

    wow what a great idea!

  24. Mary C. Perry says:

    These are so neat! I remember my sister using safety pins a while ago, but these look so much safer!

  25. I have a few Snappis and love that I don’t have to pin anything. Much quicker and safer!

  26. pollyanna valenzuela says:

    i love me some snappi’s

  27. I have used a Snappi on my 1st son – when he was about 1. I liked them a lot for fastening prefolds and my husband is a real pro at using them! I plan on using prefolds with baby #2 from the beginning and am interested to see how it will work for a newborn!

  28. TIffBlakey says:

    I love the Snappi. Though it’s not the easiest to put on an alligator rolling 9-month old. I prevailed, and won, though. :)

  29. i have one i usually use for prefolds have tried flats once… id love more since i someitmes misplace it!

  30. such a great idea! hated pins!

  31. Hannah Avery says:

    I really like the snappi. I used it for probably over a year cloth diapering my son. I plan to use one again hopefully for the baby I am expecting! Prefolds are my main workhorses for cloth diapering.

  32. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I haven’t used a Snappi in forever but when I did they were great! They are a lot easier to use than pins in my opinion.

  33. I used to have one… but somehow I’ve lost it! So ever since then we fold our prefolds and lay them in a diaper cover :)

  34. I cannot wait to use these! :)

  35. Karla-Rae Krekoski says:

    I’m new to cloth diapering and I do have a few pre-folds I got from a friend but never really used them – I just may have to get a snappi and try them out :)

  36. I so need one of these!

  37. These are really handy for newborns

  38. This product looks great though i don’t plan to use reusable diapers, if i were these ones look easy to put on. I’m still researching more on reusable diapers so thank you for this great review!

  39. The Snappi is probably my favorite cloth diaper accessory!

  40. I have never tried these but would love too!

  41. Lindsay Coffman says:

    I’ve only tried to use a snappi once. With this new baby I’d like to try again! :)

  42. lol~ it took me so long to figure out the safety feature on the snappis- i felt like such an idiot when my mother finally figured it out!! i love our snappis- they definitely are sharp but i feel better about using them on my little guy than pins, which just scare the bejeezus out of me!! snappi’s are wonderful!

  43. Rebecca M. says:

    We love our Snappi it works so great on a prefold with wool longies or shorties over it!

  44. We’re due with our first in November. We have all the cloth diapies we plan to use (including prefolds) but we definitely forgot to buy snappis! Oh no! I should really invest! :(

  45. I have a snappi, but sadly it doesn’t work on the receiving blankets I’m using as flats. I need to get some prefolds.

  46. I love prefolds and we use Snappis!

  47. My 6 month old girl is wearing a Snappi right now! Blue bc I couldn’t find her pink or purple one.

  48. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I love snappish because I don’t have to worry about poking my squirmy baby!

  49. I love seeing these used and have been contemplating getting one for wash/strip days on my pocket dipes. :)

  50. Raeanna McMahan says:

    I really need some of these Snappis for our prefolds. I hope I win.

  51. We have tons of prefolds, but not one single Snappi! :/ We really need to get some!

  52. We use TONS of prefolds with Thirsties, Bummis and Flip covers. So excited about this giveaway!!

  53. Nena Sinclair says:

    I’ve never heard of these before, what an awesome idea!

  54. So glad there’s something other than pins!

  55. we used a snappi for a while and really liked it!

  56. I used snappis on my last newborn with prefold diapers and I loved them.

  57. Diane Sallans says:

    this is such a good idea – no more poking the finger with pins!


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