Accessorize Your Stash in August Sponsor Spotlight: Rockin’ Green

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Can you believe that Rockin’ Green was my first review EVER on the blog! Whew…..I’ve done a lot of reviews since then! Last October I reviewed their Laundry Detergent, which we still use to “Rock-a-Soak” whenever our cloth diapers need a little extra lovin’. In addition to their VERY POPULAR detergent, Rockin’ Green also carries several other cloth diapering laundry accessories, products for mama cloth, pets, and household cleaning. They’ve really branched out in the past year!

Logo_for_Rockin_GreenDespite their ever growing popularity, Rockin’ Green is still a family owned and run company. And guess what? They’re expecting a new addition to the family! How exciting!

This time around, I got to try their Shake It Up! Pail Refresher. Do you ever have a stinky diaper pail or wet bag? I’ve noticed a little extra stink with the summer heat in between washings. If you have, too, then you’ll want to try this! When you start to notice a smell in your diaper pail, just sprinkle a little of this on and your nose will thank you until wash day!

It’s all natural and only has 2 simple ingredients: sodium carbonate and natural fragrance. So basically it’s just washing soda and scent. It comes in all the same fragrances as their laundry detergent and shares all the cool “rock” names. Washing soda is a water softener, so it’ll work great in combination with your normal wash routine and even could provide a little “kick” to your routine if you’ve got hard water! So not only will it make your diapers smell good while they wait, it’ll help get them clean as well!

Rockin_Green_Pail_Refresher_Up_CloseI have the Lavender Mint Revival scent and it smells AWESOME! It really does a great job of covering up any lingering smells and I love that it won’t harm our cloth diapers. I’m always weary of additives and “extras.” I like to keep things simple. Simple wash routine. Simple ingredients. Easy to do. I just sprinkle a little into our wet bag every few diaper changes and I don’t have to worry about any lingering pee smells. It’s a winner in my book!

Rockin_Green_Pail_RefreshenerBUY IT: You can purchase the Shake It Up! Pail Refresher, like the one I reviewed, on the Rockin’ Green website for $6.50. You don’t need very much, so one bag will last you awhile!

Don’t forget to check out Rockin’ Green on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on any new products and sales! Plus, they’re always willing to answer your laundry questions!

WIN IT: One lucky According to Jenny reader is going to win a Shake It Up! Pail Refresher in their choice of scent during the Accessorize Your Stash Event! Go here to enter through 8/31/12!

Do you have a stinky diaper pail/wet bag? What do you do about it? What scent would you love to smell? They all sound awesome. I’m on a lavender kick lately!

Although I was sent a complimentary item for review purposes, I was not paid or enticed to write an awesome review for this product!  All opinions expressed are 100% mine! Logo and product photos are curtesy of  Rockin’ Green.

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  1. I’d love to try the pail freshener, because my pail is starting to stink. I also would like to try the RNG Hard Rock for our hard water.

  2. Mary C. Perry says:

    I LOVE Rockin’ Green! They are the top of the top for cloth diaper detergent! I love the pail refresher too, makes the nose happy until wash day :)

  3. pollyanna valenzuela says:

    i love this stuff.. i even use it on our carpets. and makes the room smell awesome for a while at least.

  4. TIffBlakey says:

    Love the detergent. Definitely need a pail refresher during these hot summer months.

  5. Michelle F. says:

    Definately need this. I had to deep clean my pail several times already and my baby is only 3 months

  6. I have never used a pail freshener, but would love to! I would also love to try the lavender…my fave scent :-)

  7. I love Rockin Green Shake it Up and Detergent! They work great!!!

  8. I have a Pail Freshener Rockin’ Green sample — which I ration carefully!!! When I don’t use a couple shakes, we just suck it up :)

  9. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I’ve noticed a bit extra stink in our diaper pails too this summer! I don’t use a pail freshener but I’d love to try this!

  10. Sounds great to keep the stink at bay and a little extra boost to our hard water wash would be great!

  11. I have never used the pail refresher before. It sounds like a great product for a stinky pail. This would definitely be easier than baking soda in two socks lol

  12. I’ve always stayed away from diaper pails and now i’m having a baby boy in 4 weeks and i really wanted to have a pail but doubted due to the bacteria and smell it brings, I’ll definitely be trying this rockin green shake it up product! Thanks for the review!

  13. I need some pail refresher for the diaper pail in my bedroom closet. It gets pretty stinky in there when the temperature goes up!

  14. All I hear is great things about RG & I would love to try it!

  15. Karla-Rae Krekoski says:

    Definitely am going to have to try the pail freshener!

  16. Rockin Green is my all time favorite!

  17. My diaper pail is so stinky I have to keep it the bathroom. I’d love to have it smell nice enough that I can leave it in the nursery.

  18. We love Rollin green!

  19. Lindsay Coffman says:

    We have a seriously reeky diaper pail, this stuff would be great to try out!

  20. Rebecca M. says:

    A pail refresher would be great between washings!

  21. Emily Jarvis says:

    We love Rockin’ Green! It’s the only detergent we’ve ever used on our diapers!

  22. a friend of mine uses this for all her laundry. she loves it

  23. Oh man!! i definitely need me some pail refresher!! i would love to try the mighty mighty marshmallow, but they don’t make it anymore! :*( my next fave in the ‘to try’ list is the earth, wind & orchids!! i think i could dig a non-poopy-diape-smelling nursery!!!

  24. Would love to try more RNG products. I’ve tried the detergent but in Bare Naked Babies. I need to venture out into some of the yummy scents!

  25. I have heard really great things about Rockin Green. I think I might buy some to launder the new cloth inserts I just purchased.

  26. Pail isn’t to bad most of the time but she just stated solids. We don’t normally do anything except try to remember to close the lid. The lavender sounds wonderful.

  27. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I currently love Rockin green detergent, but have yet to try the pail freshener, I’m sure I would love that equally as much! Right now I spray my stinky pail with bac out!

  28. Our wet bag doesn’t smell bad yet, but it’s still unused (due in November!) :)

  29. I was just thinking this last night! Went to wash dipes and the pail stunk. I sprinkled some baking soda in there, but was really wanting a scent. I want to try the Lavender Mint scent too! Lavender is so soothing and the pail is in the baby’s room :)

  30. The diaper only gets stinky when we don’t leave it somewhat open to get some air circulating. Weird, I know but it helps.

  31. We have tried Rockin’ Green Hard Rock for our cloth diapers, but have not yet had the chance to try the Shake It Up, although I really want too!

  32. Yuck, our wet bag is very stinky. It usually reeks of ammonia. I would love it to smell like lavender instead =] We use Rockin Green soft rock and ammonia bouncer currently.

  33. Nena Sinclair says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter to try, she’s got a beautiful baby girl and she’s always complaining about not being able to get rid of the pail odor, so this would be ideal for her!

  34. The lavender mint sounds great. I didn’t know that it actually helped during the wash cycle, that is awesome.

  35. I’m going to start cloth diapering any day now so I really need some smell reducer!

  36. Diane Sallans says:

    such a good idea to have the right product to put in “the pail”!


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