Breastfeeding: Must Have Products

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You honestly don’t really need anything to breastfeed except for your boobs and your baby, but there are a lot of products out there that will make things so much easier! Here are my top 5 must have breastfeeding products.

1. Nursing Pillow: I used the Boppy pillow with Grady and really liked it, but I’ve heard so many good things about the My Brest Friend pillow that I might try it with the new little babe in June. Even your pillows from your bed will work if you don’t want to spend any extra money. You basically just need something that will boost your baby up to boob level so your arm doesn’t go numb from holding them while they nurse all day.

2. Nipple Cream: During those first few weeks it feels great to put a little lanolin cream on your nipples to help combat any soreness or cracking. There are so many brands out there to choose from. With Grady, I used the Medela brand and still have a ton of the tube left and use it for lanolizing our wool cloth diaper covers now.

3. Nursing Pads: Be prepared for leakage! It will happen. I had to wear nursing pads for the first 6 months before my boobs finally stopped leaking every where! There are both disposable and cloth versions. I used the disposable with Grady because I didn’t know the cloth ones existed! I’ll be using the cloth version with the new baby.

4. Breast Pump: Even if your not planning on going back to work, it’s still good to have one on hand. It’s nice to be able to build up an emergency stash or just enough to enable you to have a date night with your hubby. We rented one from our Lactation Consultant because Grady was tongue-tied, but you can purchase many different styles and brands. The one we rented and LOVED was the Hygia Enjoye. It’s a closed system, unlike the Medela brand, so it can be shared by multiple people. All you need to do is by a new accessory kit. It’s an expensive pump, so you’ll save a lot of money by buying it used or renting it like we did.

5. Nipple Shield: I’m only adding this to my list of must haves because I had to have it in order to breastfeed. Grady was tongue tied and unable to latch properly. Our LC suggested using a nipple shield and it enabled Grady to latch on. Please don’t just go out and buy one at the store because you’re having problems. Only use one under the supervision of an LC, who will show you how to properly use it. Using a nipple shield can also cause a decrease in milk supply, so you’ll want to work with your LC on maintaining your supply until your latch problem is solved. We worked closely with our LC in learning how to use the shield properly and rented a breast pump to keep my supply up until we were able to find a Doctor that would clip Grady’s tongue. Be warned: Babies can get attached to the nipple shield and then will refuse to nurse with out it. Trust me. I know all to well. At 20 months old, even though his tongue was clipped and he physically can nurse with out the shield, HE WON’T. It is, and has been, a complete pain in my rear.

So what are your breastfeeding must haves? What tools did you use to make breastfeeding a little easier?

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  1. These were a lot of what I used too. Amazing that when I wrote my post for this that I forgot about a lot of the tools that I did use – The nipple cream, the nursing pads etc. Funny how soon we forget!

  2. Krystina says:

    I want to tell you something I wished someone had told me. With the first kid, your boobies go crazy with milk for a long long time! Mine did! But with the second, at first they’re overflowing, but they get it under control a little faster. This time it was about 3 months when I stopped leaking. I still let down when the kid sighed, but it’s waay more under control. At least, for me it was. :)

  3. For me, i could not live without my Boppy Pillow. I love it. The same pillow has been with me through my two boys and will be there for my third baby. You know, I was on one of those mommy forums (I think it was Babycenter) and the women in a breastfeeding group were actually discussing how moms who use Boppy Pillow aren’t actually breastfeeding correctly…like they weren’t true “breastfeeders.” What? I was so annoyed and angry.
    The only other thing (besides a breast pump and bottles) I ever needed was a cover. I love seeing mommas nursing without covers…it is beautiful. But for me, I always felt more comfortable with one.

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