Online Breastfeeding Safety

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I think it’s super important for people to see women breastfeeding, both in public and online. It needs to be normalized. It’s not sexual or gross. I’m completely appalled that footage of breastfeeding has been spliced into pornography (you can read about that here), or that facebook deems breastfeeding photos to be sexual and explicit content. They’ll shut down your account if someone complains.

These things make you think twice about what you share online. I don’t share breastfeeding photos on my personal facebook account because I KNOW there are friends who would be uncomfortable with that and I simply don’t want to lose my account and have to agonize over not knowing which one of my friends reported my pictures. I do however, post breastfeeding photos here on the blog. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. I think it’s important to share. I figure if you don’t want to see them you can just leave.

I am, however, careful about what photos I do post. You’ll never see my whole boob. Ever. I know there are perverts out there who would enjoy that, so I refrain from giving them the satisfaction. I also always watermark my photos, although I’m not sure if that really makes a difference or not. At least it gives me peace of mind.

Do you post breastfeeding photos or videos online? What do you do to protect yourself?

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  1. Carrie Phelps says:

    My daughter is a breast feeding Mama (bless her!!) and she’s careful about not making public photo’s of her breast that contain her nipple. She does post photo’s of herself feeding my granddaughter but nothing is “exposed”. I think it’s disgusting that this is a “sexual” issue. Perhaps a trip back in our family trees would make these people understand that they each come from a long line of breast fed babies!

  2. I will occasionally. Especially when the baby was first born and all I did was breastfeed, then there were no other pictures of me to be had. It was me and the baby at the zoo, and at the park, and well, you get the picture. I do it in public to make it more accepted, and have had a few confrontations about it. I understand that it makes people uncomfortable, but for a long time people were uncomfortable with women in workplaces (and that’s still a thing a lot of people are uncomfortable with, let’s be honest), women voting, etc.

    As a lady at LLL said one day, “I’m a mammal, therefore I breastfeed.” Since our entire biological entomology is based on the fact that we have mammary glands, and that’s how we feed our young, the fact that it could be construed as sexual is the perverse thing more than anything else.

  3. I always wonder if watermarking makes a difference too. I suppose at least if a watermarked photo was stolen you’d have some proof that it belonged to you in the first place. It’s hard to figure out what the right thing is here. On one hand- it’s important that breastfeeding is out there, on the other, it’s your personal privacy and safety.

  4. I have never posted pictures of me breastfeeding my kids. I don’t even post pictures of my kids online besides on a private Shutterfly account. I do find it sad that breastfeeding is not really normalized in our culture and it is considered sexual and gross. I wish women could be more proud and open about breastfeeding. That doesn’t mean that you have to nurse in public without a cover (if you do, that’s awesome!) but we should be able to talk about it openly and not be afraid to nurse in public if our children are hungry.

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