Breastfeeding: Leaving Your Little One

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It can be completely nerve racking to leave your baby with someone else for the first time. Doubly so, if you’re breastfeeding! You have to make sure you have enough pumped milk available for the time you’ll be gone. And that can be a challenge in and of itself!

I honestly can’t remember the first time I ever left Grady. I think he was a couple months old and Eric and I had a date night (I think – I’m totally blaming this on preggie brain). My mom’s been the only one who’s ever watched him though and I’m super lucky to have her only 5 minutes away. I had built up a large stash from pumping while Grady was tongue tied, but once his tongue was clipped at a month old, he never really took milk from a bottle again. I always packed one or two to give to my mom, but he would never take them. So I never really left him for more than a few hours. Even though he’s 20 months now and only nurses occasionally, I still rarely leave him for long. I actually should start leaving him with my mom for longer periods as he needs to be prepared for when his little sister will be here and I’ll be in the hospital. I think Eric and I have decided that while I’m in the hospital my mom will watch him during the day and then Eric will go home at night to be with him. I’m still kind of freaked out about the whole thing, since he’s never once gone to sleep with out me by his side. It has to be done though, since he can’t stay over night with me in the hospital. Any tips from those of you who have 2 or more kiddos?

So when did you first leave your nursling? Was it easy or hard? Do share!

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  1. Rachel Portuguez Sansom says:

    Would you not do a homebirth? It’s amazing how quickly the little ones adjust and I’m sure he will be just fine while you are in the hospital, especially if he still gets daddy at nights. Mine always did pretty good, especially after they came to visit me and their new little brother or sister. It’s like they know, they are “Big” now :)

    How did your son do after he had his tongue clipped? My son is about 7 weeks and he is finally going to get his done next week. His tongue is tied all the way to the tip, and while I have been able to continue breastfeeding, it has been very hard and painful. I wonder how he’s going to do with the procedure and hopefully breastfeeding will be so much better afterwards… and he will start gaining some weight!

    • We did initially want to do a home-birth, but due to our location there aren’t many options. So, we’ve decided to go with a hospital birth and a doula.

      He did great after having his tongue clipped. It was an easy in office procedure. He cried a little, but mainly from being held in place. After 2 quick snips it was all done. A little bleeding but that was all. He nursed right after and was fine. Breastfeeding was 100% better immediately. All the pain I was experiencing was gone. We were using a nipple shield up to that point under the supervision of our LC, and I was hoping we would not need it anymore, but he had gotten so used to it that he wouldn’t nurse without. At 20 months old, I still have to use that stupid thing even though he physically can do with out it. Oh well! :)

  2. Lucky you to have your mom so close and willing to babysit! I would probably leave my son and go on a date with my husband if I had family to watch him.
    The first time I left was a rough experience, but it has started to become easier as he’s aged.

  3. Great post. You’re lucky to have your mom so close! I too always put my little one down to sleep by my side, and I hate the thought of not being there at her bedtime. She does NOT go down easily without me (has only happened a few times). She’s almost two now and still mama’s girl, and still nursing too! I am in no hurry to stop.

  4. When I had my eldest son, I was in graduate school. A week after I gave birth I went back to class. It was very hard and I didn’t know what to expect from my body. I was gone for about 3 hours a couple nights a week. I had to wear breast pads in the beginning but eventually I stopped leaking. Of course, I didn’t want to leave him, but I had to. Plus, my husband and son got some alone time.

    I have to be honest…I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. In the beginning, I love it. I love the closeness, I love knowing that I am giving my baby the best start. But these feelings do fade and I begin to feel very “tied down.” I didn’t feel it so much with my first, but when my second came around it was more difficult. He breastfed constantly and I felt like I was stuck on the couch. If I wasn’t breastfeeding him in person, I was excusing myself every couple of hours at work to pump. This might sound awful and I do not want to offend anyone but I literally felt like milk machine.

    At the year mark, I really start to miss having my body to myself. Breastfeeding is hard, it is a sacrifice…but one worth making (if you can). I am now trying to mentally prepare myself to breastfeed my little girl…and I’m excited but also dreading it a little bit and I feel so guilty. I know a big reason why I am feeling those negative feelings is because I am exhausted. When I have her in Feb., I will have had 3 babies in less than four years. When I’m not pregnant, I’m breastfeeding…and sometimes I am pregnant and breastfeeding. It has been constant and I’m just tired. But I am committed to my baby girl!

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