Breastfeeding: Support with Integrity

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Earth Mama Angel Baby just recently launched a new campaign, Support with Integrity, to help facilitate judgement-free breastfeeding support among breastfeeding mamas, organizations, professionals and helpful friends.

It’s a pledge to agree to stand together for breastfeeding success and to support all mamas who desire to breastfeed, no matter what technique, position, frequency, equipment, duration or organization choice.

The goal of the Support with Integrity Pledge is to strengthen and to unite the efforts of breastfeeding supporters who focus on getting the baby fed, and not taking sides about how it’s done, or being right.

We all have a common goal: to help normalize breastfeeding, to help remove the barriers to breastfeeding, and to provide a peaceful village of supporters united in their desire to help women successfully breastfeed without judgement.

I hope you will join me in signing the pledge by clicking the button below.

Support with Integrity

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  1. thanks for signing and thanks for linking up with this week’s hop!

  2. Glad you signed the pledge too! Perhaps this kind of support with encourage more women and help them succeed.

  3. Erin Knack says:

    I know that this was posted quite a while ago but this is such a great campaign. I find it so sad how many negative comments I have heard when I speak to women about breastfeeding. They are so full of misinformation and even, unfortunately, judgement. The most controversial topic is nursing in public with/without a cover. I just don’t understand what the issue is. I see more boob walking through the mall than I have ever seen when a mother is breastfeeding her baby without a cover. More boob can be seen on almost every television at night when watching cable. The woman is FEEDING her baby, something that is natural and beneficial for both her, her child, and society (since breastfeeding can help reduce medical care costs because of the health benefits, plus it is free!). I hope things change.

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