Breastfeeding: Reverse Cycling AKA Nursing All Night

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Basically reverse cycling is when your baby nurses more frequently at night and less frequently during the day. Check out for more info on reverse cycling and ANYTHING breastfeeding related!

Luckily, Grady never reverse cycled! He’s always nursed at night, but never more frequently than he did during the day. When he was a newborn he nursed every 1-3 hours round the clock. Once he got a little older, he was able to spread it out to about every 3-4 hours. So basically, he was nursing 3-4 times at night. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It never really bothered me. Co-sleeping made it pretty easy to nurse him and go back to bed and not feel too tired in the morning.

Around a year of age, he dropped his night nursing down to 1-3 times a night, and then now, at 19 months, he sleeps through the night on most nights. He sometimes wakes early in the morning between 5 or 6 and he’ll nurse and go back to sleep for another hour or 2. It’s weird to actually be able to sleep through the night again. We still co-sleep and I STILL find myself waking up every few hours wondering if he’s ok, LOL! I’m slowly getting used to it! I’ll finally adjust and then the new baby will be here to start the process all over again.

Did your baby reverse cycle? What did you do to change it? I’ll need to know just in case the new baby does!

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  1. Amy Bailey says:

    Yes, and I didn’t do anything to change it. Eventually it will change when they get older. Your night time milk is very full of different nutrients than the milk during the day :) Baby must just need more night milk. Alsop if you are away or work during the day they will make up for it at night :)

  2. I loved that point with my first when I began getting a full night’s sleep again! Unfortunately, now at 2.5 years old, he’s back to waking up all the time. Not to nurse, but because he can now get out of his bed on his own, turn on the lights, and play. That’s even harder than when he was nursing all night! (Except now Big T gets to get up with him instead of me)

    • You can’t win, huh? If it’s not to nurse, they’ll get up for something else! I can just picture your son getting up in the middle of the night to play! Too funny!

  3. There’s hope for me!! My daughter is 17 months old and often wakes up 1-2 times/night and wants nursed. I think she’s been doing this more because she’s teething and wants comforted more than anything. I am looking forward to the day when I can sleep straight through the night.

  4. I wake up and check on The Gnome every few hours even now at 15 months LOL. You’d think I would know he’s ok since we co-sleep!

    • I do the same thing! I still reach over and put my hand on his chest sometimes, you know, to just check. Silly, but keeps me sane!

  5. You give me hope that my baby may drop his nighttime nursings down on his own! He’ll be a year old next month, so we’ll see!

    • Don’t worry! He won’t be nursing FOREVER! He’ll stop on his own when he’s ready, or you could always try a gently night weaning approach if it’s really disturbing your and his sleep.

  6. I absolutely love I was on that site daily when I had my first baby!

    My youngest boy nursed all day and all night. It was non-stop and I was so sore. I don’t even remember how or when he stopped nursing at night. I think it was probably when we moved him into his crib when he was a year old.

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