Fall in Love with Fluff Giveaway Event!

Are you ready to fall in love with fluff and win $500 of cloth diapers and accessories?! Welcome to the Fall In Love With Fluff Giveaway Event presented by Daily Mothering and Eco-Crazy Mom! Over 100 blogs are coming together to celebrate our love for fluff with this awesome Valentine’s Day giveaway! We are giving […]

Tot Time: Play Dough Box

photo (52)

Grady really loves to play with play dough, but I was getting frustrated having to repeatedly get out all the items that he wanted. His attention span isn’t very long, so he maybe plays with it for 15 minutes and then moves on to something else. He always comes back to it though….multiple times a day. […]

Pregnancy Photo: 19 Weeks + Update


My 19th week photo: Feeling really good lately! I think prenatal yoga has a lot to do with it. I’ve been doing it regularly and it’s really helped with some hip pain that I was having at night. I wasn’t sleeping that well because I was constantly waking up to switch sides. The hip and leg that I […]

Upcoming Event: 2012 Savory Summer Giveaway Hop

I’ve decided to join up with some awesome bloggers to bring you a giveaway hop centered around all things food and food-related! Savory Summer will be held from May 16-30 and will have tons of items being given away. Basically, if it is something that a human being can eat, eat with, eat off of, cook, cook […]

Breastfeeding: Support with Integrity


Earth Mama Angel Baby just recently launched a new campaign, Support with Integrity, to help facilitate judgement-free breastfeeding support among breastfeeding mamas, organizations, professionals and helpful friends. It’s a pledge to agree to stand together for breastfeeding success and to support all mamas who desire to breastfeed, no matter what technique, position, frequency, equipment, duration or organization […]

You Capture: Colorful

photo (50)

Here’s some colorful fruit for this weeks challenge. The grapefruit were very, very good! Find out more about You Capture by clicking the button below:

Embrace the Camera: January 26, 2012


I tried to really hard to get a picture of Grady and I reading together. I set up the tripod and the timer, but he was sooooo distracted by the beeping that he kept looking up and pointing at the camera! Ugh……I don’t think we ever even finished the book! It’s one of his favorites, […]

Mama-to-Be: Kiki’s Fashions Review and Giveaway

Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 9.51.59 PM

When I was pregnant with Grady, I dreaded getting to that point in my pregnancy where I NEEDED to wear maternity clothes. For some reason, I had this idea in my head that all maternity clothes were ugly and frumpy. Good thing I was wrong! With Grady, I just bought the basics: a couple pairs […]

Sneak Peek: Fall In Love With Fluff $500 Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

Do you want to win $500 of Cloth Diapers and Accessories?! The Fall In Love With Fluff Giveaway Event hosted by Daily Mothering and Eco-Crazy Mom is right around the corner! Over 100 blogs are coming together to present this awesome Valentine’s Day giveaway from February 1-7, 2012. We will be giving away a Cloth […]

Mama-to-Be: A Pregnancy and Baby Giveaway Event

I’ve been getting quite a few sponsors for pregnancy and baby products, so I thought it would be great to make a little event out of it! This means lots of giveaways for you guys! I’ll have reviews of products for pregnant mamas and must-have items for baby, so you don’t have to currently be […]

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