A Little Farm Fun

We took a little trip to Johnson’s Farm when we were in NJ visiting a little while back. They have all sorts of things there (market, hayrides, play area, etc.) We had fun using all their photo props…. Here’s Grady as a farmer! He loved the tractors! For some strange reason this child has a […]

A Boy and His Pink Car

Grady really likes to ride in his cousin’s pink car when we go to visit. We usually just push him around inside, but it was such a nice day that we just had to go around the block. Eric wasn’t too thrilled with the color, but he got over it! “Let’s go Mom!” So impatient! […]


On our way back home from NJ a couple of weeks ago, we stopped in to watch the Eagles preseason practice. We didn’t time it right and we got there at the end of their morning practice and didn’t want to wait around for their afternoon one, so we just walked around and let Grady […]

Tot School: Week of 8/8/11 and 8/15/11

~Grady is currently 14 months old.~ Good thing I don’t actually homeschool Grady and this is just for fun, because I’ve been horrible about planning things! These past 2 weeks we didn’t really do anything specific. We just played! Here are some things I captured with my camera: I did put together a color box […]

Ordinary Moments

Grady likes to cuddle after his naps. It’s really the only time he’s ever still.  I cherish these moments with him. Linking up with:

More Beach Fun

Here’s some pics from our second trip to the beach.  Grady still seems to enjoy the sand much more than the water! He barely lets us get his feet wet! We tried to get our picture with the sunset but it didn’t quite turn out!  We took a walk on the boardwalk one evening. Grady […]


This little guy just makes me so happy. Even though some days can be hard, he always manages to make me smile. Linking up with:

Tot School: Week of 7/25/11 and 8/1/11

~Grady is currently 13.5 months old~ It’s been an easy tot school the last 2 weeks! We’ve been on vacation so we haven’t really done much except enjoy the weather! Here’s some things I captured before we left: We played with our stacking cups. Grady’s getting really good at stacking and nesting. We explored the […]

Grady’s Toddler Bed

We turned Grady’s crib into a toddler bed. Not that it has any significance. He’s never slept in his crib and I doubt he’ll sleep in his toddler bed anytime soon. He’s been having a blast crawling up and sitting on the bed now! He’s signing “more” in the picture below. He signs “more” for everything […]

Arts Fest

Every summer we go to Arts Fest. It’s a huge week long event where we live with tons of vendors, live music and parties! The college students usually go crazy! They even have a day specially for kids. Grady’s a little too young to participate so we just walked around and looked at all the […]

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