Embrace the Camera: March 31st

Here’s a photo of me and Grady just hanging out. E was nice and took this picture for us. Much easier than trying to do it myself! I love dressing him in overalls. He’s so cute! Have a great day!

Wordless Wednesday: March 30th

Nom Nom Nom

You Capture: Vibrance

This weeks theme for the You Capture photography challenge at I Should be Folding Laundry was VIBRANCE. It took me all week to figure out what I was going to take a picture of! This week was a tricky one!  I ended up going with a macro shot of this flower: Too bad it’s not […]

Weekend Reading: March 27th

It’s been a pretty low key weekend around here. Just being at home and relaxing. I’ve got a busy week coming up so it was nice to have a few quiet days. Grady has his 9 month check up this week. I think he’s doing great but I’m sure the Dr. will say that he’s […]

Embrace the Camera: March 24th

Thursday totally snuck up on me and I have no new embrace the camera shot. I took lots of photos this week but I just wasn’t thinking and forgot to place myself in there! Oh well…..it must be this crazy weather we are having. Seriously, 70 degrees one day, 30 degrees and snowing the next. […]

You Capture: Youth

With the You Capture prompt being “youth,” I just had to take pictures of my kiddo! Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything else. Here he is with a huge happy smile: And here he is playing with random things (extra Fuzzibunz elastic). He’s hardly interested in toys anymore.  In his new BumGenius  Ah….to be young! […]

Wordless Wednesday: Grady’s 9 Months Old!

Grady’s 9 month picture!

Weekend Reading: March 20th

There was so much good stuff around the web this week. Here are some things that caught my eye:On co-sleeping: Forget the Cot, Sleep With Your Baby According to SIDS Researcher Doctor James McKenna from The Daily Telegraph. New Cribs Safety Regulations Should Extend to Parents Too from The Stir. On breastfeeding: Ask Michele Bachmann: […]

Grady: 4 Months

Sitting in his bumbo chair! This month was spent just enjoying our little boy! It was still pretty warm outside so we were soaking it up and spending lots of time outside. Although there a no pictures to show for it! I hardly took any photos this month. He loves to be on his tummy! […]

Embrace the Camera: March 17th

Here’s a quick picture we snapped yesterday on his 9 month birthday! Time is flying by! I entered some of Grady’s photos in a cloth diaper photo contest on the Dirties on Diapering’s Facebook page. I would love if you guys would comment on his photos! The photos with the most comments win free diapers! […]

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